More than a third of pregnant women experiencing stress and anxiety during the pandemic

More than a third of women who gave birth during the pandemic have experienced a lot of stress and anxiety as a result of the restrictive health measures, a report released on Saturday revealed.

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The study, conducted among 268 women who gave birth between May and August, during the first wave of COVID-19, found that 38.6% of respondents felt stressed and anxious when they gave life.

In addition, nearly 67% of women said that the absence of their companion, required in order to contain the spread of the epidemic, had a strong impact on the course of their childbirth.

The Respected Naissances Regroupement, the MAMAN Group and the Association of Birth Supporters, which carried out the survey, also noted an increase in inductions during the pandemic. Interventions that should be reduced, according to these associations.

In their press release, the three organizations asked the Ministry of Health and Social Services to set up support services to support the health of pregnant women during this pandemic period.

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