Miracle cure: investigation of COVID-19 impostors

The “JE” team is interested this week in those promoters and sellers who offer treatments and miracle solutions to prevent or even cure COVID-19.

After receiving several reports of individuals or companies promising the moon, journalist Elizabeth Laplante and her colleagues from the TVA investigation program decided to find out more.

Using a hidden camera, the team encountered and confronted some of these individuals.

In an interview on Wednesday, the journalist explained that with the health crisis, we saw fairly quickly appear on the web publications indicating that certain natural products or drugs could “boost the immune system” and thus allow to better fight and even cure the disease. COVID.


“All kinds of things have been said internationally,” she mentioned, notably illustrating her point with the episode of Donald Trump who seemed to be considering possible injections of disinfectant to fight against the coronavirus.

“There are people who believed it,” said Elizabeth Laplante.

“To date, Health Canada says it has sent more than 400 warnings against products of all kinds, whether natural products, essential oils, drugs, treatments, ultraviolet lamps,” he said. -she let know, in interview Wednesday.

The journalist testifies to a fear of a part of the population. “The fact is that people, in the absence of a real cure, are fearful. They are trying to find shelters. If there are people who are ready to offer them this so-called miracle cure there, for a certain amount, well, there are people who will perhaps say I lose what trying a product that potentially could ‘help?” did she say.

Hosted by Marie-Christine Bergeron, the investigative program “JE” will be broadcast this Thursday, at 9 pm, on TVA.


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