Can rabbits go to college?

Hello my little rabbits!

Hey yes, my uncle Richard is back! Did you think I forgot you? But no, I was just busy not going to restaurants, not going to the theater, not going to the museum, not going to the movies and not going to the gym. It’s crazy how doing nothing occupies his man!


Today, Mononcle Richard would like to talk to you about higher education. I have been told that some of you are planning to go to college.

Well done, that’s good news! After all, we’re in the knowledge economy, aren’t we?

But before you take the plunge, my little rabbits, ask yourself the question: do you have what it takes to go to university?

Because university is like the military: it’s not for everyone.

Before, when you had flat feet or suffered from presbyopia or myopia, you couldn’t join the army.

It took a nice arch of your foot and 10/10 vision to shoot down Germans and Japanese with machine guns.

Well, it’s kind of like that at university.

It takes prerequisites.

You must be made strong. That you are able to hear and see things that go against your values.

Have you ever been told No in your early childhood? Did you grow up surrounded by curly educators who wore multicolored overalls, who called themselves “Balou” and who spoke to you as babies?

Did you sleep with a unicorn-shaped pooch until you were 12? Do you curl up whenever someone says a bad word?

You saw Bambi at 5 years old and you are still traumatized?

A word of advice: don’t go to college.

Become a florist. Or clown.


Because life at university is tough.

Very hard.

You will read terrible things. Extracts from Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler, for example.

Don’t you know this man? He was a very, very mean man.

“Badder than Donald Trump? You ask me.

Yes, nastier than Donald Trump.

” But it’s impossible ! “

Oh yes, believe me, it is possible, my little bunny.

This gentleman was so mean that in his book he said that all Jews had to be killed because they were vermin.

Stop crying, let’s see!

What, am I a racist?

But no, it’s not me saying that, it’s the bad guy!

Okay, yes, I said it, but I don’t think so! I was quoting Hitler!

Why did I decide to talk about a man who wrote such mean things? But because it is important!

What? Is it important to kill Jews? But no, come on, that’s not what I was saying! It’s important to talk about this gentleman! Especially in a 20th century history course!

What? Would you rather we talk about Greta Thunberg?

Hmmm …

I think you’re not ready for college, my bunny.

You are too sensitive.

Why don’t you run for the Liberal Party of Canada instead?

They love it, brawlers over there.

You would be perfectly in your place …

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