Tuesday , January 19 2021


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Back to class: masks too big for schoolchildren

Several high school students were left with procedural masks too large for them on Monday when they returned to class, a situation that worries parents. Steps are underway to provide smaller ones for students, says the Ministry of Education. Kirstin Bird-Lamoureux, who lives near Vaudreuil in a multigenerational home with …

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The failures of spring are repeated in Quebec

Increase in COVID-19 outbreaks in CHSLDs and RPAs, hospitals that transmit the virus, employees who fall in combat and travel sources of infections: after 10 months of the pandemic, in the middle of the second wave, history is repeating itself in Quebec. “The boat is taking on water,” remarks the …

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Outdoor spread of COVID-19: Experts take stock

In the absence of activity options since the implementation of the new containment measures, Montrealers are relying heavily on parks. But when there is an outdoor gathering, what are the real risks of the spread of COVID-19? Three experts give their opinion. “Respiratory viruses are much less transmissible outdoors. When …

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Mandatory quarantines … hardly monitored

Quebecers returning from a trip abroad are unimpressed by the government’s automated calls to ensure that they comply with quarantine rules. “It’s a robotic call asking you a few questions. But even if someone called me and I was at the grocery store, for example, I could press the 1 …

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No more eye problems in young people

The number of eyeglass prescriptions for eye strain has peaked among children and adolescents since the onset of the pandemic, pointing to the onset of vision problems among young people in the longer term. “I have rarely seen so many adolescents to whom I was obliged to prescribe glasses with …

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UK expands vaccination campaign

LONDON | The United Kingdom is expanding its vaccination campaign against the coronavirus on Monday to over 70s, when the quarantine imposed on all arrivals comes into force to avoid the importation of new variants. • Read also: All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic Himself struck by a variant of …

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