The last lap

Régis Lévesque completed his last lap at 10:19 p.m. on Tuesday. He was stunned by the disease and the morphine that Annie, his auxiliary nurse daughter, gave him three times a day.

Doses that allowed him to endure the pain, but that left him conscious.

At 10 pm, Regis was “sleeping”, but the reflex of his eyebrows when his daughter or Daniel his son spoke to him showed that he heard their voices.

Tuesday night, Annie felt that her cranky old father was about to “promote” her big departure. She and her brother had been telling each other for several days that Regis was setting a Guinness record. Likewise, it couldn’t be.

She contacted her sister Josée who lives in Ecuador, and the two women made sure their father slept. Josée accompanied him via FaceTime. She was leaning over him when he took one last deep breath and left. No doubt a nurse’s reflex, she looked at the time: 10:19 p.m.

She called her brother Daniel to tell him. Daniel had come to say goodbye to Régis two days earlier.

” I talked to him. I said to him: “Father, you’ve fought enough. Go and rest ””, he told me yesterday morning.

Daniel was not connected like his sister because the internet does not reach his residence near the US border. As flat as that.

Love wave

Regis’ last round began when I joined him at his hospital room during the great confinement. The two pages in The newspaper, according to Annie, were a tremendous trigger for a great wave of love.

She, in any case, picked up her father from the hospital and devoted the last six months of his life to him.

“We went to the campsite during the summer, I took him to the beach where it was full of beautiful girls, we had beautiful fires and we chatted while watching the flames and listening to the sparks. He was happy. His friends, Gilles Proulx, Ménick, Michel Beaudry, Laurent Poulin and several others came to see him. In the end, he was struggling to just breathe, but he had an unbelievably hard head. I said to him: “Old grumpy, who is going to make you grumble today?” »Annie says, laughing despite her pain.

A nice last lap. So that he never felt alone, Régis spent all his nights of the last few months sharing the room with his grandson Éloyk, who, at 12, got to know some of his grandfather’s incredible stories. .

Éloyk must have his head full …

Politically incorrect

The young Régis Lévesque would not have had the right to exist in 2020. He bet too much at Blue Bonnets, he swore too much and he did not speak English. Besides, he was genuine and knew how to get angry. All things forbidden these days.

Besides, he didn’t give a damn about the television. He didn’t believe a thing that television, one day, could bring boxing to life.

For him, nothing was worth a good fight between two locals, especially if one of the “locals” came from Toronto like Eddie Melo or Nick Furlano. And especially when they delivered trilogies against Fernand Marcotte, Jean Lapointe or Gaétan Hart.

blue beanies

The legends of Régis Lévesque have been told a hundred times. Those who have seen and especially read these pages of advertising that he himself wrote in The Journal of Montreal have never forgotten them. Honestly, it was delusional.

But it was bad.

He was making $ 8,000 in profits on a Monday evening at the Center Paul-Sauvé and he was going to lose them on Tuesday evening at Blue Bonnets. With a little extra mile borrowed from an acquaintance.

Régis was organizing another evening to recover. He still put a nice 4000 spectators in the center, made a profit and was going to lose it again at Blue Bonnets.

Basically, horse racing has earned us a couple of great boxing nights. Had to be redone all the time.

But Régis was loved. Pierre Foglia, Pierre Gobeil, Jacques Beauchamp, Jean-Paul Chartrand at Sunday morning took care of it. Gobeil, Beauchamp and Chartrand by reserving space for it in the pages of their sports sections. Foglia while writing. Regis is lucky, Foglia wrote about him. It is always a great privilege.

I’m glad I contributed to this last round. Very humbly.

Tyson Fury will choose his opponent

Simon Kean finds himself in a strange position. In fact, Eye of the Tiger Management yesterday completed its negotiations with MTK Global. Camille Estephan spoke at length with Bob Yalen, the president of MTK, and the final details are being agreed.

But there is a big catch. At the same time, MTK Global negotiated with the promoters of another boxer. Probably Agit Kabayel, a German of Kurdish origin. A good boxer with a 20-0 record.


Everything indicates that it is now Tyson Fury himself who will decide on his opponent for this fitness fight.

If it really is Kabayel as rumor has it, this already flipped story would become completely outlandish.

Simon Kean and Agit Kabayel met at the training camp of Hughie Fury, Tyson’s cousin, two and a half years ago …

Who will Tyson Fury choose?

IN THE CALEPIN | In the world of hugs, computers make a lot of decisions. Who still cares about things as outdated as talent, heart and balls in a baseball pitcher? Kevin Cash, manager of the Rays-Expos, followed the orders of his computer and brought out of the game a Blake Snell, who was dominant. Our half-loves have lost. Don Drysdale or Bob Gibson would have put their fist in the face of the manager who would have wanted to get them out of a match under the same conditions.

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