Fill up on vitamin D

The severity of symptoms of COVID-19 vary greatly from person to person. The presence of comorbidities such as obesity and diabetes as well as advanced age have been recognized as significant factors worsening the symptoms of the coronavirus. Recently, vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a higher risk of …

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Drinking coffee to survive colon cancer

One study reports that regular coffee consumption reduces the risk of death in patients with advanced or metastatic colon cancer. In addition to its high caffeine content, responsible for its stimulating properties, coffee also contains more than 800 distinct phytochemicals, endowed with multiple biological activities. Some of these molecules, like …

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A frightening return to earth

Let’s take a trip to the future, precisely in 2027. The city of Montreal – like all cities in the world – is devastated by a pandemic, a virus that kills billions of people. Marius, a teenager who has just lost his parents, realizes he has to leave town. By …

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