Farewell, my old Regis!

Régis Lévesque was my friend. He was an uneducated man, but smart as two monkeys!

His earthy verve, his hoarse voice, his Trois-Rivières accent, his eccentricities and his anecdotes made this boxing promoter an endearing character as well as a piece of living folklore that embellished our lives, which added color, flavor.

Without it, Quebec wakes up even a little duller, a little more bland.

My protector

As a radio host in the 1990s, I received death threats (because bullying does not date from the internet) and sometimes appealed to Régis. If I hosted a live show in front of a hostile crowd, for example the firefighters who hated me, they would send me a host of tough guys to surround me: Robert Cléroux, the Hilton brothers, Eric Lucas, etc.

It calmed the brawling spirits.

Boxing and horses

Recently, I sent the Boxing Hall of Fame a letter of support to this friend asking for his induction which will take place, I am told, next year. This honor, in the best of all possible worlds, would have been awarded to him during his lifetime! He was able to popularize and “Quebecize” boxing at the same time by filling auditoriums where we came to see local champions compete … which gave rise to even more exciting revenge fights!

These fights lined the pockets of Régis who, then, hastened to squander his fortune by betting on horse races … One day, with Ménick the barber of sportsmen, I organized a “well done” to pay his debts. (and buy him a Cadillac). He was crying with joy, for he was, behind the appearance of hard, a tender one.

Farewell, my old Regis!


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