Guillaume Lambert and Florence Longpré, a perfect duo!

The actors Guillaume Lambert and Florence Longpré, who worked together on the series “Like-moi!”, Are currently working on a television project intended for Club illico. In the series “Audrey woke up”, we will follow the adventures of a young woman who emerges from a coma after 15 years. The authors tell us about this beautiful project that unites them.

Guillaume and Florence, how was this serial project born?

GUILLAUME: Florence and I have developed a great bond over the years, thanks in part to “Like-moi!”, And we wanted to collaborate on another project. This series is therefore the fusion of our two worlds: a cross between “Adulthood” and “M’entends-tu?”. It still gives something new, considering the “clash” caused by the mixture of our two feathers.

FLORENCE: There will be a very humorous aspect, even a little silly, in this series, but we still have the feelings and the human side of the characters at heart. We have a real desire to stage a person who lives with a disability and who comes back to life after fifteen years. This new project was born following another thing that had fallen a bit into the mud when we started, a few years ago. So it’s our revenge, since we have never given up on the idea of ​​working together!

How did you get the idea of ​​this young girl coming out of a coma after 15 years?

F .: It’s quite unusual, a coma that lasts so long, but we still decided to explore the idea. What happens to our character is that she wakes up, but her body hasn’t followed. She is therefore a prisoner of it. It’s a very deep subject that explores a fear that many of us have: that of being stuck in our own body.

G .: This idea also makes it possible to explore the concept of a coma, which is still rather mysterious for many. Audrey, our character, lives the gap between the time when she had her accident and the one in which she wakes up. She falls asleep as a teenager and wakes up in her thirties. Let’s say it’s a shock! The world and those around it have changed a lot in 15 years … It gives rise to overwhelming situations, but also very funny. It’s an inspiring playground!

Tell me about your way of working together …

G .: It’s a fairly fluid collaboration. There is always a lot of improvisation, since it is a universe that we know well. We launch ideas and we improvise around it. Plus, it feels like the characters feed us and get us to write for them. It’s very instinctive. We are currently trying to complete the writing so that we can shoot in March, ideally.

Guillaume Lambert and Florence Longpré, a perfect duo!

COURTESY PHOTO / Dominic Gouin

Another great mandate!

Florence Longpré is also the author of another new series from Club illico, “Gone with raspberries”. For this project, the young woman finds her writing partner Suzie Bouchard, while Philippe Falardeau will take care of the realization.

“It is an honor to work with Philippe Falardeau! I’m a bit of a groupie: I love his films to the point of knowing certain lines by heart! Writing texts that will be put into images by him is a real pleasure! ”

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