The charm of empty shells

The new PQ leader, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, denounces the artificial nationalism of the CAQ and thus hopes to rekindle the flame for independence and his party.

Its main challenge is to bring back into its fold the disappointed PQ who, over the years, have deserted to the CAQ or QS.

It is true that the CAQ has shown itself to be astoundingly soft in the expression of its nationalism. As for QS, pragmatism is not always there.

The task of the new chief will not be easy. Despite its nationalist softness, the CAQ continues to be at the zenith in the polls and QS maintains its voting intentions while maintaining ambiguity about its independence project.

Pandemic distraction

St-Pierre Plamondon comes at a time when attention is being captured by the management of the pandemic by the federal and provincial governments, thus leaving multiple issues in the shadow.

In addition to the management of the pandemic, issues of racism and violence against children are among the few topics to percolate in the news.

Contrary to what one might have anticipated, the pandemic has turned into a boon for the Caquista government, which wonderfully erases its shortcomings, both economically and culturally and linguistically.

The situation of the French language has become more than worrying in the metropolitan region without Minister Jolin-Barrette firmly addressing the decline.

Hundreds of millions of dollars will be invested in the expansion of English-speaking institutions like the Dawson College and McGill University without the public being offended. Ministers LeBel and McCann can sleep peacefully.

A loss of $ 794 million to the Economic Development Fund without an explanation of the reasons for the write-off does not arouse more anger among taxpayers, leaving Minister Fitzgibbon to get away with it.

Quebec flagships are withering away, such as Bombardier, Cirque du Soleil and Air Transat, without even citizens taking the time to be upset in the time of COVID-19. Chevalier Legault’s armor is rather fragile in the face of the relocation of head offices and our economy.

Indifference, a formidable enemy

Bécaud sang that indifference destroys the world. St-Pierre Plamondon will quickly realize that it constitutes the major obstacle to its project in this era of pandemic.

Worse yet, in a fragmented society where electoral patronage and individualism dominate, the task appears daunting. But it is not impossible!

The new leader will have to present a clear vision of the PQ project, demonstrate an integrity sheltered from the dodging that characterized several of his predecessors and above all know how to use patience.

His time will come because empty shells eventually crack and Quebeckers will see that there is not that much difference between the Liberals and the Caquists.

That day, St-Pierre Plamondon must have completed the refit on the PQ ship! Otherwise, it will be added to the empty shells.

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