The other day on TV I came across a quiz mind-blowing. The candidates were so uneducated that for a moment I thought I was watching a vox pop by Guy Nantel, who keeps only the worst answers from the worst respondents.

When I saw the Quebec quiz ofDouble occupation, I was discouraged. Not just because the candidates knew next to nothing. But because they didn’t mind being so ignorant.


During this quiz on Quebec, three pairs of candidates were able to show the full extent of their lack of culture: unable to complete the words of La Manic Georges Dor (I imagine they didn’t know he was Léane Labrèche-Dor’s grandfather either); unable to say how many inhabitants there are in Quebec; unable to recognize Yvon Deschamps; unable to name the “fleurdelysé”. Only one couple could adequately complete the quote from René Lévesque: “If I understood correctly, you are telling me … see you next time”.

William found it normal not to know Yvon Deschamps, because the comedian was born in 1935! Why would a young person in 2020 know what happened before he was born?

Andréanne, who failed miserably at quiz, said with a big smile and sneer: “I have no culture, it’s shameful, but Will too, he’s in the same boat”.

There was a time when people lacked education they were embarrassed. Not anymore. They laugh about it.

It’s like the quality of their French …

Here is what the “exchanges” between candidates look like … (all of these quotes are absolutely true).

– I felt like a shark, right away. – Kind. – Obviously. – As. – Sorry, I do that rough. I’m sorry man. – I will have crowded. – For real. – I have fit right in. – Fair enough. – He was there glue in the House. – I felt a vibe. – As. – I am skippered. – Kind. – The guy I was having dinner with (sic). – I was a little uneasy (sic). – For real. – For sure, I go deal with it. – You will be depressed. – It has spark an interest. – For real. – It is unfair !

– As. – The people I have spot. – It was so nice. – That to me turn off. – Kind. – Are you still like fuck ? – It was full obvious that I was not so well. – As. – I didn’t think it was going to be that (sic). – A warm welcome (sic).

– For real. – Have fun full. – Kind. – It’s not a done deal. – People wanted me to make a decision (sic). – I find it hard to think that you are real. – How to deal with her ? – We are into it.

– We will backer thoroughly, man. – It is full a nice confirmation. – I am so obvious. – As. – Kind. – For real.


The duty published this week an open letter from Lucien Bouchard.

Our former Prime Minister deplored the fact that we will no longer teach the Middle Ages or Antiquity at CEGEP students. He worries that future generations will not be exposed to Virgil or Plutarch.

He wrote: “No one has the right to resign himself to a deliberate drying up of the sources which have always fed us and made us what we are”.

Hmm … I hope he didn’t listen OD recently. He would lose his Latin.

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