“The vegan canteen”: for a smooth transition

Enjoying to say that the textures, flavors and aromas of vegan food are similar to those of dishes concocted from animal products, Marie-Michelle Chouinard believes that it is possible to convince the most skeptics.

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In order to achieve this, she suggests trusting desserts. “The first dishes that people make“ eh, I don’t believe you! ”Are desserts. Everyone has in mind that a vegan dessert is dry and tastes nothing. In a dessert, we will change dairy products, eggs and butter for vegetable products. It’s not something you notice when you taste it. ”

Educate yourself and be patient

For anyone who sees the possibility of changing their diet, Marie-Michelle Chouinard recommends acquiring knowledge. “Ideally, we educate ourselves, we educate ourselves, we want to know why to become vegan. Throughout this journey – our readings, the documentaries we will listen to …- [il faut] learn to cook again … “

And there’s no need to tear up all his menus to immediately start fresh. It is even better, she says, to take it slowly so as not “not to create a sudden change and lose all our bearings.”

Put everything in place

When you want to discover one or another of her vegan creations, the author also has a very simple but very relevant advice: devote time to the implementation.

“The first step is to read the entire recipe. That way, we won’t be “poked”, we won’t realize that our dried beans, we had to soak them the day before, for example. We can know the time it will take and the steps […]. It’s important to prepare everything well with the right cuts and the right quantities. “


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