Sentenced to seven years in prison for attempted murder

For having attacked the life of his victim by stabbing him nine times, one of which was struck in the lung, a young man with no criminal record was sentenced to seven years in prison on Thursday.

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Before his arrest in June 2018, Christopher Lagueux, 23, had never had a problem with the law. The course of his life changed, however, the night he decided to attack the young woman who shared his life.

At that time, the couple was staying in an apartment on Boulevard Henri-Bourassa, but it was mutually agreed that their relationship was no longer an exclusive one, which allowed them to see other intimate partners in the occasion.

“The victim had also met another person and that more or less suited the accused”, briefly summarized the prosecutor, Mr.e Mélanie Tremblay.

On the evening of the events, Lagueux and the young woman had an intimate relationship, then the latter fell asleep.

“When the victim woke up, it was because someone was stabbing him,” the prosecutor told Judge Mario Tremblay. In all, the young woman received nine, including one in the left lung.

While trying to run away to ask the neighbor for help, the young woman heard Lagueux tell her “that she had disrespected him”. He also ordered her to take a seat in their car so that he could go “finish the job”.

“Madame explained to the police that the accused was obsessed with the death of actor Paul Walker (who died accidentally in a car) and, according to what she understood from his words, it was that he wanted to end his days with her in the vehicle, ”added Mr.e Tremblay.

Lagueux however left the apartment alone and was chased by the police who finally arrested him on the Cameron road in Sainte-Marie en Beauce.

In defense, Me Nicolas Dery mentioned in court that his client had undergone several evaluations since his arrest and that they demonstrated “a low risk” in terms of recidivism.

“However, Mr. has certain mental health problems and, at the time of the commission of the offenses, he was under the influence of cannabis,” he said.

“An attempted murder is a failed murder. It is very serious … but the sentence proposed by the lawyers reflects the gravity of the crime you have committed, ”dropped the magistrate before sentencing the man to seven years in prison.

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