The Steelers resist

For a half, the Steelers looked like the most dominant club in the NFL. In the second half, they complicated their lives awfully, but resisted to come out at the top of the battle of the undefeated, against the Titans.

The Steelers won 27-24 when Titans kicker Stephen Gostkowski missed a 45-yard field goal attempt that would have leveled the score. Too bad, moreover, that such a captivating duel ends on such a failure. The Titans clearly had the wind in their sails, but putting such an important game on a kicker’s foot is always a risky proposition.

The Steelers dominated in most facets of the game, but turnovers dampened their efforts. They have indeed won in terms of possession time, they have converted 13 third downs in 18 attempts and have had 74 offensive games against 56.

Defensively, the Steelers limited Derrick Henry to just 3.8 yards per carry. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill was also bottled up, amassing only 220 yards, including 73 on a single play. Ignoring that long touchdown from AJ Brown, the Steelers’ defense has once again shown that it does not. not mean to laugh.

Big first half

Data like this indicates that they should have won more easily and that is what seemed to be emerging in the first half. After two quarters, their lead was 27-7. Ben Roethlisberger had his impressive arsenal of receivers to his liking while James Conner carried the ball efficiently.

Then, with a comfortable lead, they eased off and gained just 35 yards on their first three offensive series in the second half. The last time they touched the ball they looked like they were on their way to finishing off the Titans with a streak that chipped away over seven minutes and 72 yards, but Roethlisberger threw his third interception of the game, in the end zone.

The Titans showed great tenacity scoring 17 unanswered points, but their defense weighed down their chances in the first 30 minutes.

The Titans remain a great team, but they are already four games away in which they have conceded at least 27 points. It’s their Achilles heel. The Steelers are 6-0 for the first time since 1978. The fight in the North Division with the Ravens (5-1) and the Browns (5-2) promises to be fascinating by the end of the season. .

Patriots in trouble

Elsewhere in the NFL, it’s frankly questionable whether the Patriots will come out of their quagmire, with a record of two wins and four losses.

Yes, Bill Belichick still leads this team and his history means that we naturally say to ourselves that he will find solutions.

Except that the offensive has never seemed so dull. Cam Newton accumulates turnovers, his passes are adventures and he is terribly badly surrounded. Close ends do not produce, while wide wingers clearly lack explosiveness.

Many liked to say that Tom Brady slowed down last year, but now realize that he has worked wonders with the offense by keeping the Patriots in the game.

When the Patriots don’t take control of a game by winning on the ground, they suddenly become vulnerable. This team still relies on the best coach on the circuit, but how effective can stratagems be without the right pawns in the right places?


Baker mayfield

Mayfield’s first five assists against the Bengals were incomplete, with one interception. He then completed 22 of his 23 other passes for 297 yards and five touchdowns. He was masterful in the Browns’ last offensive streak.

Joe burrow

The Bengals lost, but Joe Burrow can’t blame himself. He became the first rookie quarterback in history to accumulate more than 400 passing yards, three touchdown passes and a rushing touchdown in one game. Cincinnati, there is hope!

Davante Adams

The Aaron-Rodgers duo operated at will against the Texans. Two of the Packers’ four touchdowns in the quarterback came from Adams, who finished the game with 13 catches for 196 yards. Quite a weapon!

Justin herbert

The rookie quarterback continues to shine, he who butchered the Jaguars with 347 yards flying and 66 rushing. For a third game in a row, he threw at least three interceptions.

Tom brady

While his former loves were having a horrific offensive game, Tom Brady stabbed a knife into the still-alive wound of Patriots fans with 369 yards, four touchdowns and a rushing touchdown.


Jon bostic

The Washington linebacker was sent off after a nasty blow straight to the head of quarterback Andy Dalton, who was running with the ball. A useless and deplorable gesture as we see, fortunately, less and less.

The Cowboys

The Cowboys are horrifying with no name. This team plays without the slightest passion. When Andy Dalton was injured after a vicious blow, no one reacted. It’s not a team, it’s a shame.

The Jets

Even though Adam Gase dropped the offensive appeal, the Jets were as limp as usual on offense with just four yards gained in the second half.

Cam Newton

The Patriots quarterback had his worst game in his new uniform with three interceptions. He was relegated to the bench in the second half and will no longer have a long rope.

Melvin gordon

The Broncos forward had an excruciating game with two fumbles. He also looked very badly when he handed the ball ten feet over the head of his quarterback on a disgusting execution of the famous “flea flicker”.

5 games of the week

1.Peoples-Jones the hero

The Bengals and Browns fought an epic battle over Ohio. With 1:06 to go, with no downtime, quarterback Baker Mayfield orchestrated a final push that ended in a 24-yard touchdown pass to Donovan Peoples-Jones with 11 seconds to go. Peoples-Jones barely slipped their feet inside for a spectacular catch that gave the Browns a fifth victory.

2.Too short

The Panthers have, as always, dearly sold their skin against the Saints. They literally came to a hair’s breadth of forcing an extension at the very end of the game. To do this, they had to attempt a field goal of 65 yards. If it had been successful, it would be the longest in history. Joey Slye’s kick ran out of juice, his kick landing very close to the bar. Some matches are a matter of centimeters.

3.Again the 4e quarter

At 4e quarterback, the Falcons did their utmost to lose to the Lions. They initially missed the opportunity to extend their lead to 14-13 when they opted for a failed fourth-down conversion attempt rather than a field goal. Still with the same lead, they gave the Lions wings when Matt Ryan dropped the ball on a Romeo Okwara sack. The final highlight came when they yielded the final touchdown to TJ Hockenson, when the Lions came down the field in 1:04. Ah, those Falcons …

4.Pringle gallops

A touchdown on a kickoff return has become a rare commodity these days. The Chiefs pulled off the feat when Byron Pringle returned the Broncos’ 102-yard kick at top speed through the snow in Denver. The Chiefs became the only team this season to register at least one attacking touchdown, one defensive touchdown and one special teams touchdown in the same game.

5.From Brady to “Gronk”

In the Buccaneers’ clear victory over the Raiders, Tom Brady threw a very meaningful touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski. This is the 92e time the quarterback joins his favorite tight end in the end zone, which matches the mark set by Steve Young and Jerry Rice. In history, only the combination of Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison did better with 114 touchdowns.

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