Legault flays a journalist from CHOI Radio X during a press briefing

Prime Minister François Legault did not have his tongue in his pocket after being questioned by a journalist representing the media CHOI Radio X about the relevance of the confinement.

“First of all, I won’t hide from you that I have trouble with you, Mr. Radio X,” the Prime Minister told the journalist at the outset. Today’s 28 deaths are real deaths. ”

Journalist François Gariépy had traveled from Quebec to Montreal to question the Prime Minister in connection with the statement of a WHO special envoy earlier this week, who denounced confinement as the main measure.

François Legault noted that the current situation had nothing to do with the spring containment, when schools and businesses had also been closed, and that the restrictive measures put in place were intended to save lives. , preserve the capacity of the health system and ensure that children can stay in school.

“I invite Radio X to ask its listeners to respect the instructions,” added the Prime Minister.

The Quebec station has been sharply criticized in recent months for its positioning, which has given the microphone to many followers of conspiracy theories that encourage non-compliance with health instructions.

The City of Quebec and several banners have since ended their advertising placements on CHOI Radio X.

See the full exchange in the video above.


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