Games suspended in the QMJHL: Roy and the Remparts remain positive

As he has been trying to do since the start of the pandemic, Patrick Roy prefers to see the glass half full rather than half empty following the postponement of the next four games of the Remparts de Québec.

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The QMJHL announced on Wednesday that games on Quebec soil (East and West divisions) are postponed until October 28 due to the number of regions in the red zone and the possibility that others will change color soon. Teams can continue to train since they are part of the same bubble-class.

The Remparts, they only played two games before their schedule was interrupted on October 8, collecting three points (1-0-1-0). Even if the situation is far from ideal, they now know what to do next, at least until the famous date.

“We sold to our players the fact that it’s out of our control and that it was a great opportunity to continue our development. We are still part of the elite of the sport, we are in a bubble and we can focus on our individual and collective skills, ”said the head coach and general manager in a conference call Thursday, leaving. a training session of nearly two hours.


This particular context forces Roy and his assistants to review their approach with all the time they have before their next match. Even after all these years behind the bench, the “33” is still learning.

“It forces us to focus on individual skills, something that I haven’t really pushed hard on. [dans mes années d’entraîneur], but lately I’ve been pushing hard and I find it exciting. It makes us understand several things and I discovered a side that I had perhaps neglected, “admitted the former instructor of the Colorado Avalanche, seeing in this window a return from training camp.

Asked about the possibility of the break stretching beyond October 28, Roy refused to play doctor.

But with no weekday games in November and December (except during the holiday season), the Remparts will have leeway on the schedule to resume postponed games if the restrictions were to last longer.

“We will follow the instructions and we will wait until the 28th before speculating […] As long as our players are good and feel comfortable coming to the arena, they have fun on the ice, that’s just what matters, ”said Roy.

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