Brendan Gallagher: a million more for the heart

Brendan Gallagher has managed to snatch a million more a year than his statistical value from the Canadiens. And I’m very happy for him.

In a case like Gallagher, for a six-year deal added to his year of contract, an annual average of 6.5 million is super generous.

With the arrival of Josh Anderson and Tyler Toffoli, Marc Bergevin had given himself the arguments allowing him to negotiate closely with Gerry Johansson, Gallagher’s agent. In fact, he could even take the risk of letting Gallagher go with his two recent right-wing acquisitions.

Especially since keeping Brendan Gallagher for seven years was a big risk for Bergevin.

Gallagher is the type of player who is likely to wear out faster because of his style and intensity of the game.

Not the end of the world

Nothing says he will be able to keep this burning fire that pushes him to challenge the entire National League when he is on the ice. Often, at the age of 32 or 33, these players begin to show the consequences of the thousands of hits received in front of goal or in the enclave. He will be 35 at the end of his contract.

Basically, as an experienced agent explained to me yesterday, Marc Bergevin gave his player a million more because of his heart and his rage at the game.

“One million a year, with a ceiling of 80 million, it’s not the end of the world to keep a player who is a leader, who never causes trouble, who does not babble, who is a team player and who takes his teammates with him. Look what it feels like to a bad apple like Max Domi. You better give a million more to keep a Gallagher, ”my informant said.

And then, Marc Bergevin is perhaps preparing the “contraction” which is preparing in the ranks of the players.

The ceiling will go down

A ceiling of 81.5 million already does not respect the basic principle of the collective agreement of the National League.

All NHL contracts must represent 50% of total league revenue. If income falls, the ceiling must therefore be lowered in equivalence.

However, my informant is convinced that the COVID-19 pandemic will slash the league’s income so much that several teams will have to buy contracts or simply get rid of several veterans.

“It’s simple, the salaries of the players will always represent 50 cents in the piastre. If the piastres are fewer, the 50 cents will be too. There will be a price to pay for the players, ”he said.

It is already obvious that you will not be allowed to have family celebrations on Christmas and New Years. So there will be no spectators at the Bell Center. So there will be no significant income. So…

IN THE CALEPIN | So yesterday, I borrow Lady Ju’s Harley for lunch. The radio was on 105.7. Rhythm FM. Louis Audet’s station. I would say 12 and 40 hours. Two facilitators chat about the latest firefighters’ calendar. Already, the tone is saucy. A certain Michelle calls. She says she likes these calendars very much because they are beautiful animals: “And it’s good to love animals”. Fat laughter and accomplices of the animators who add a layer. “You can stroke the page once a month.” You know what I mean. I just want to know what would happen if two hosts spoke this way about the Alouettes cheerleader calendar …

They would probably apologize to the unemployment office …

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