The New Inquisition

The scene takes place at the time of the great religious trials.

– Do you recognize the presence of the Evil One in you ?, asks the inquisitor. Do you recognize that he dominates you? That he haunts you, perhaps in spite of you?

– No. I am not possessed, answers the accused. I don’t have to fight against the devil in me, since he is not in me!

– This is proof that you are possessed! But if you admit it, I will see it as proof of your good will. Recognizing the presence of the demon in oneself is to take a first step to tear yourself away from its hold!


– And yet, I am not possessed.

– We can do nothing more for him. His soul is lost.

And suddenly, the crowd gathers angrily around the possessed one to cry out: “Back, Satan! We don’t want you in this world anymore! “

You see me coming.

The scene is recent, finally. But it concerns the theory of systemic racism.

We could also talk about a pack of journalists from the Radio-Canada complex /Press attacking without the slightest embarrassment the premier of Quebec at each press conference to make him “admit” that Quebec is possessed by systemic racism. They thus confiscate the news to subject it to their ideological obsession.

This campaign is part of media harassment. All the provincial virtue leagues participate. It is now a question of showing that we are on the right side of morality. We denounce systemic racism as we used to say our prayers. Systemic! Systemic! Systemic! The more we repeat it, the more we convince ourselves of it.

We find several who, even yesterday, would not have managed to define the term and who, today, are scandalized that we do not borrow it. Moreover, its definitions multiply to the point of contradicting each other.

What does the conceptual bottle matter, as long as we have the intoxication of indignation!

Petitions are piling up, everyone wants to sign one, for fear that we notice his absence.

Among these signatories, several probably know that this is all a mystical trance and do not adhere to the theory in question, but do not want to be known in any way, for fear of undergoing a trial in turn. So they go to bed.

We also see editorialists who take themselves for bishops and call on the government to finally kneel down to apologize for having wandered for so long. They are quite ready to forgive him. On condition that he repents.


At a pinch, they explain the fact that François Legault stands up to them out of political calculation. He would know that systemic racism is everywhere, but would refuse to admit it so as not to offend his supposedly ignorant electoral base. If he could at least get out of the popular trap, and guide his people by pulling them out of their prejudices! But no, he flatters him like a big beast!

Our time, whatever may be said, is religious and fanatic. It has its exorcists, its bishops, its priests, its devotees, and its heretics.

And the latter, she wants to burn them at the stake in the media. Or throw them to the horde of hateful social media stoners.

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Victoria Smith who hails from Toronto, Canada currently runs this news portofolio who completed Masters in Political science from University of Toronto. She started her career with BBC then relocated to TorontoStar as senior political reporter. She is caring and hardworking.

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