Gilles Proulx admits to having “forgotten women”

Benoit Dutrizac humorously piqued the chronicler and author Gilles Proulx, asking him how “an old misogynist” like him could well have written his book entitled These daring women who shaped Quebec.

The author, formerly criticized for having “forgotten women” in his book The story that was stolen from you, admitted to having made a mistake in the past.

In his new book written jointly with journalist Louis-Philippe Messier, he portrays 60 women who have influenced the history of Quebec, from Alys Robi to Lucille Teasdale via Monica La Mitraille.

“We always have a soft blank somewhere […]. There is always something we forget. Indeed, I had forgotten the women. ”

  • LISTEN to Gilles Proulx’s full interview on Benoit Dutrizac’s show on QUB radio.

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