An electrical circuit that leads to Amazon

Credit card numbers, names, emails, telephones, car models … data from the Hydro-Québec Electric Circuit network of terminals are hosted on Amazon’s servers.

“Electric Circuit data is hosted by Amazon Web Services [AWS] in Canada ”, told the Newspaper Hydro-Québec spokesperson Louis-Olivier Batty.

It is the subsidiary of Hydro-Quebec, AXSO, which made this choice, underlined the company of State, which ensures that “high security requirements” are respected.

“Of course, we would have liked to find a Quebec supplier, but there wasn’t one that offered us the same quality of service and price. AWS had the best value for money, ”he explained, specifying that the amount of the contract is“ confidential commercial data ”.

“No leak”

By the way, Hydro-Quebec has assured that the data of Quebec electric motorists are safe and that their information is well protected.

“To our knowledge, there has been no data leakage from the Electrical Circuit. Hydro-Québec takes data confidentiality very seriously and we have very high requirements, ”said Louis-Olivier Batty.

Thursday, the CEO of EVA Technologies, Eric Parent, welcomed the fact that the data is hosted here, but regretted that a foreign company was chosen.

“At least the data is in the country. Hydro-Quebec could have turned to a security company from here on the other hand, ”analyzed the security expert.

According to him, the Quebec government would benefit from hosting its data itself. “Why don’t we have our own cloud structure? We give money to American companies, ”he sighed.

For his part, the former IT security officer at the Department of National Defense, Steve Waterhouse, highlighted Amazon’s cloud computing expertise.

“I am to encourage the local economy, but with equal competences, Hydro-Quebec does not want to lose its name because the local company does not perhaps have as many resources as the giant established here”, t he concluded.

The Electric Circuit network of terminals was inaugurated in 2012. It offers charging from 240 volts to 400 volts throughout the province. Its founding partners are RONA, Metro, Saint-Hubert and EXO.

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