Latest Trump-Biden debate: the verdict of our experts

Five columnists from Newspaper present their analysis of the latest debate between Democratic candidate Joe Biden and US President Donald Trump as part of the presidential campaign.

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Pierre Martin

No K.-O. in the faint hope debate

To make people forget his catastrophic first debate, Donald Trump had to keep a minimum of control. He succeeded.

His challenge was to present a persuasive plea for his re-election, beyond ranting and bombastic promises.

He did not do it. He preferred to cultivate his base by peddling rumors about Joe Biden and repeating his usual lies.

Biden did well, but he could have exposed more of the failures, lies and corruption of his counterpart.

There was no knockout.

This debate will not change the game.

Normand Lester

Trump more calm, but still a liar

Trump had to convince women and those over 65 to vote for him. He was unable to do so.

He was more composed and consistent than in the first debate, but Biden was better informed and better prepared.

On the coronavirus, ignoring the reality, Trump continued to say the pandemic was fading, as Biden warned the United States was heading for a gloomy winter.

Trump easily won the night in terms of the number of false, deceptive or misleading comments he made.

Luc Laliberté

Solid Trump under pressure

Because he is lagging behind in the polls and because elected Republican officials are increasingly distancing themselves from the president, Donald Trump had to offer a solid performance.

After the attacks against the moderator and the committee responsible for organizing the debates, many feared the worst.

We were treated to a disciplined and in control Trump, who despite several erroneous claims, managed to score points.

While Joe Biden didn’t stumble, his main goal, he didn’t generate much enthusiasm.

Trump advantage.

Loïc Tassé

Hard-hitting Biden, Trump’s tape

Your surprisingly calm from Trump and more spirited from Biden. Biden more relaxed. Trump often looked annoyed. More civilized debates.

Biden often more concrete than Trump, for example, when he proposes very concrete solutions to counter the pandemic.

Biden has been shown to be more presidential than Trump, especially when he said he does not divide Americans into Democratic and Republican states, that all are Americans.

Trump was on the defensive, about the pandemic and his taxes. Biden was weak when attacked on his son and his business in Ukraine or elsewhere.

Frustrating debate because the host did not let the candidates go into more depth, for example concerning North Korea.

A few good arrows on either side, but overall Biden was more punchy.

Richard Latendresse

Presidential, but it won’t last

Joe Biden has tried himself. He stung and transplanted his Republican opponent. He sought it out as much as as much. He didn’t find it.

Donald Trump got on fire, but nothing to do with the aggressive, disrespectful and incoherent politician of the first debate.

Better yet, Trump was able to repeat his allegations on the persecution he claims to be a victim of by “crazy Democrats”, on the alleged corruption of the Biden family and the fact that there is “no one less racist” than him.

If Trump had had this temper throughout his presidency, his campaign would be doing much better today.

Well done for this debate, but it’s too little too late.

The notes

Martin Cup Lester Freedom Tenderness Maverage
Joe biden 7/10 8/10 8/10 6/10 6/10 7/10
Donald trump 6/10 7/10 5/10 7/10 7/10 6.4 / 10

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