Glendon tackles the shortage of French as a second language teachers

The hub aims to provide access to a crucial FSL research space and open educational resources (OER) on FSL teaching and learning that will help educators connect and find support in schools. professional learning communities.

It will allow “to deepen cooperation practices between university, school and non-governmental partners in French-language education”.

Glendon also wants to “lighten some of the burden on schools and school boards which often use their own resources to recruit and retain teachers.”

Muriel Peguret, Dominique Scheffel-Dunand, Mirela Cherciov.

Three co-directors

The project is co-directed by professors Muriel Peguret and Dominique Scheffel-Dunand, with researcher Mirela Cherciov. It will include a team of people engaged in education, such as future teachers, current teachers, post-secondary course teachers and university professors.

This “accelerator” has received funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage and has already started to determine the needs and design innovative programs for its various targets: high school students, Glendon student body, future French teachers, French teachers in service trained in Canada or abroad.

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