Ian Lafrenière appointed Minister of Indigenous Affairs

Under pressure since the tragic death of Joyce Echaquan, François Legault will carry out a mini-reshuffle of his troops today. Sylvie D’Amours will be knocked out of her post as Minister of

According to our information, the fate of Sylvie D’Amours has already been sealed for a few days. The Prime Minister also left little doubt Thursday about his intentions. Hounded by journalists, François Legault simply refused to reiterate his confidence in his minister.

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Sylvie D'Amours would have lost the confidence of Prime Minister François Legault and will be replaced by Ian Lafrenière.

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Sylvie D’Amours would have lost the confidence of Prime Minister François Legault and will be replaced by Ian Lafrenière.

With this change of custody, the Prime Minister wishes to give new impetus to relations with Indigenous people, which have been somewhat strained since the tragic death of the mother of seven children at Joliette hospital in disturbing circumstances.

As he did in the health sector, the Prime Minister is sweeping the floor. In addition to ejecting Sylvie D’Amours from his cabinet, François Legault shows the door to the Deputy Minister of Indigenous Affairs, Marie-José Thomas, according to our sources.

The Prime Minister admitted Thursday that he was not satisfied with the work accomplished. “It’s not going fast enough, I’m going to get involved personally,” he insisted.

Expectations are high for MP Ian Lafrenière, who is entering the Council of Ministers for a delicate mandate. Her name had been circulating for a long time in Caquist dispensaries to succeed Sylvie D’Amours.

The member for Mirabel has never succeeded in forging a bond of trust with the various aboriginal communities. Behind the scenes, many criticized her for being quite simply ignorant of the reality of the First Nations and for not speaking English. And the problems are not new. Last spring, Mme D’Amours had been strongly criticized for his absence in the file of the rail blockades.

For several days now, the official opposition has been demanding the resignation of Minister D’Amours because of her inaction, a year after the tabling of the report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Relations between Native People and Certain Public Services in Quebec.

Last year on this date, Commissioner Jacques Viens unveiled a voluminous report which concluded that the Aboriginals of Quebec are victims of systemic discrimination.

A year later, little has been done. The death of Joyce Echaquan at the Joliette hospital center, under the racist insults of a nurse, rekindled this pain.

François Legault, who so far refuses to recognize the existence of systemic racism in Quebec, admitted yesterday that the file is delicate. “There are Nations that ask for a lot of money, and then, obviously, we have a limited capacity to pay. We set aside $ 200 million in the last budget. It is not easy with the Eleven Nations ”.


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