COVID-19? The worst in Quebec

Prime Minister Legault can no longer hide his concern. “This is no time to get discouraged. It’s not the time to be negative, ”he said on Wednesday. Could we respectfully retort: ​​you are probably talking about yourself.

We can legitimately wonder about the state of mind of the one who at the start of the pandemic seven months ago succeeded in the feat of reassuring the population, of staying in contact not only politically, but emotionally with citizens.

Like all Quebecers, the tragedy in CHSLDs devastated Mr. Legault. But he managed to overcome the shock and tried to correct, despite the bureaucratic mismanagement, the catastrophic situation.

He decided, obviously, to trust Quebeckers. Is it by temperament? Because it seems that the authoritarian way of imposing his directives rejects him.


Unfortunately, the deterioration of the pandemic situation in Quebec continues to accelerate. Some speak of the Ontario “mystery” of Doug Ford who succeeded in controlling the virus and having much fewer cases of contamination than Quebec, with a higher population (15 million) than among us (8 and a half million ).

In fact, the real “mystery” is from Quebec. We find ourselves at the top of all COVID-19 cases. As of October 7, there are 170,123 cases in Canada, including 55,945 in Ontario and 81,914 in Quebec!

How can we explain this phenomenon, which comes under both collective psychology and the weight of religious and political history?

Those who have historical knowledge or memory recalled this week the remark of former Prime Minister Lucien Bouchard, who had dared to say that Quebeckers were less hard-working than Americans and Ontarians. He had received a volley of green wood. But statistically, he was right.

Latin origins

At the start of the pandemic, Quebeckers seemed so obedient. Since then they seem to have relaxed. Of course, we are mostly Latin in temperament. But our “joie de vivre”, an expression that does not exist in English, forcing the English to use the same French words as us, would it be more mythical than real?

The danger of dying from COVID-19 or of suffering complications for life would not be sufficient to force us to respect the instructions of Public Health transmitted by the one who embodies the authority, namely the Prime Minister.

Are there more crazy heads, more delinquent teenagers, more conspirators and other people suffering from psychosocial problems in Quebec than in the rest of Canada?

In Quebec, are we less respectful of those who are more fragile, such as the elderly or the chronically ill? Are we less governable, more distrustful of authority? The Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, would therefore be right to have launched the accusation, namely that we are less obedient than Ontarians?

Are we capable of self-criticism, a sign of maturity? Would the terrible statistics concerning us testify less to an incompetence of our leaders than to our deep, socially deadly cultural traits?

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