“At the time, I thought about looking for a new job” – Daniel Parent

Shaken by the first months of the pandemic, actor Daniel Parent talks to us about his questioning and his projects.

After having played in recent years on television in “Cheval-Serpent”, “Ruptures”, “Le chalet” and “L’Échappée”, Daniel Parent was to be back in the theater until October 17, in “That Moment – The land of idiots ”, a Moldovan play that depicts the torments of a corrupt society based on individualism.

“It starts off as a monologue, divided so as to be played by five different actors. It is a cynical text in which a mafioso explains what to do to follow in his footsteps. It’s ironic and very well written. In addition, it is a piece that combines play and dance. ”

In this production of the Théâtre de l’Opsis – which is currently on hold due to government instructions to counter COVID-19 – Daniel Parent was to share the stage with Sylvie De Morais-Nogueira, Caroline Lavigne, Léonie St-Onge and Christophe Baril.

A roller coaster of emotions

For Daniel Parent, this theater project had come about after difficult months. “Just before the start of the pandemic, I replaced Marc Béland on stage as actor-dancer in the show” Hidden Paradise “, which deals with tax havens. I was getting ready to go play that in Paris when the confinement arrived. “

“For me, the first few weeks were an emotional roller coaster. At the time, I thought about looking for a new job. I intended to become a welder-fitter. I also thought about going to take cabinetmaking lessons. It was finally my girlfriend, Rosalie, who is a baker, who convinced me to leave these projects aside and continue my path in the artistic world. She was there to support me in this. For her part, she owns the 22 May bakery and sandwich shop, located in the Villeray district. She has never ceased her activities. She adapted by making deliveries. I was also his official delivery man for a month. “

The actor says he is blessed to have a beautiful stable and happy family life. “It’s been 19 years this fall that I met my girlfriend in a bar. Since that time we have had a boy and a girl named Boris and Dali, aged 13 and 15. My girlfriend also has two sons who are in their twenties. “

The importance of creating

Apart from his talents as an actor and dancer, Daniel Parent sculpts wood. “I started making wooden bowls, plates and spoons four years ago. I love doing this, because it fills my need to create when contracts are scarce. For now, I am aiming to produce 60 items by November. I invite people to go see what I’m doing on my noyernoir.com site. ”

In addition, you can follow Daniel Parent in the series “Mon ex à moi”, on the airwaves of Noovo. “This is a series which aired a few years ago on Série Plus and which is enjoying a second life this fall in Noovo. I play the role of Louis Beaudoin, a banker who is both strict and very funny, who is the boss of the main character of Amélie, played by Sophie Desmarais. I really enjoyed playing in this great series and I hope people enjoy discovering it. At the moment, I have no other TV projects on the agenda. I am also waiting to know if the performances of the show “Hidden Paradise” will resume this fall. ”

The play “That Moment – Le pays des cons” was to be performed this month at the Fred-Barry Hall of the Denise-Pelletier Theater. Unfortunately, the performances are canceled for now. At the time of going to press, the theater had not confirmed whether they would be postponed or shown online. However, it was clarified that ticket holders would be contacted.


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