Pietrangelo, Hall and the waltz of the guards

There is nothing normal in 2020. October 9 replaces this year the 1er July as the opening date of the free agent market.

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With the COVID-19 pandemic and the salary cap that will remain stable for probably the next three seasons, the teams of the National Hockey League should logically play of caution.

But you must always write in the conditional since you can never predict the intentions of an owner looking for a big name.

However, the 2020 vintage is nothing out of the ordinary. Alex Pietrangelo is the biggest fish available. And by far. The defenseman of the St. Louis Blues still has the confidence of a real number one on the blue line.

After Pietrangelo, there is winger Taylor Hall and defenseman Torey Krug. Then it will be interesting to follow the guardian market.

The Colorado Avalanche, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Carolina Hurricanes, Minnesota Wild and Vancouver Canucks (should they lose Jacob Markstrom) will look to improve on this position.


Defender | 30 years

52 points (16g, 36p) in 70 games

Salary in 2019-2020: $ 6.5 M

Projected salary: More than $ 8.5M

Pietrangelo is the most attractive player in the market, regardless of position. He won the Stanley Cup with the Blues in 2019. Offensively, he is a model of consistency with four seasons in a row of over 10 goals and over 40 points. Ontarians are also very reliable in their territory. A number one defender.

Left winger | 28 years

52 points (16g, 36p) in 65 games

Salary in 2019-2020: $ 6 million

Projected salary: More than $ 8 million

Hall is a big name. First-in-class in the 2010 Oilers Draft, former 2018 Hart Trophy winner with the Devils. But he never won. His playoff experience is limited to 14 games, including 9 this year in an unusual format.

Defender | 29 years

49 points (9g, 40p) in 61 games

Salary in 2019-2020: $ 5.25 million

Projected salary: More than $ 7 million

An offensive defenseman, a good skater. He’s not the biggest at 5’9 ” and 186 lbs, but he’s not afraid of physical play. Hailing from Michigan, Krug could listen to a generous offer from Steve Yzerman of the Red Wings.


30 years

Archive photo, Pierre-Paul Poulin

23-16-4 | 2.75 | , 918 | 2 JB

Salary in 2019-2020: $ 3.667 M

Projected salary: $ 5 to $ 6.5 million

Jim Benning and the Canucks will negotiate with him until the last minute. At 30, Markstrom has finally come of age and he has the makings of a good number one goalie. Antoine Roussel has identified him as the Canucks’ MVP this season.

31 years

File photo, Ben Pelosse

25-14-6 | 3.11 | , 897 | 0 JB

Salary in 2019-2020: $ 6.1 M

Projected salary: $ 3 to $ 5 million

Holtby has lost its luster. The 2018 Stanley Cup winner is coming off a tough season in Washington. Before that, he had had five straight seasons of 30 or more wins. The Flames and Oilers could eye this Lloydminster, Sask., Goaltender.

34 years old

16-8-4 | 2.22 | , 930 | 0 JB

Salary in 2019-2020: $ 2.5 M

Projected salary: $ 3 to $ 4.5 million

Khudobin led the Stars to an appearance in the Stanley Cup Final. The Kazakh is no longer young, he doesn’t have the best technique, but he still blocks pucks.

38 years old

File photo, Ben Pelosse

10-12-3 | 3.16 | , 916 | 1 JB

Salary in 2019-2020: $ 8.5 M

Projected salary: $ 1 to $ 2 million

Bought by the New York Rangers, “King Henrik” would like to continue his career. The Washington Capitals could become his next destination in a mentoring role for Ilya Samsonov.

35 years

16-20-3 | 2.77 | , 917 | 1 JB

Salary in 2019-2020: $ 6 million

Projected salary: $ 2 to $ 4 million

Healthy, Crawford remains a reliable goalkeeper. But he is now 35 years old. He has playoff experience with two Stanley Cup wins in Chicago.


Right winger | 31 years

File photo, Martin Chevalier

31 points (18g, 13p) in 69 games

Salary in 2019-2020: $ 4.25 million

Projected salary: $ 2.5 to $ 3.5 million

In his last three seasons at Nashville, Smith has scored 18, 21 and 25 goals. He can still be useful in power play.

Right winger | 30 years

59 points (29 g, 30 p) in 69 games

Salary in 2019-2020: $ 5.188 M

Projected salary: $ 5 to $ 6.5 million

A marker. Without the pandemic, he would have reached the 30-goal plateau for the second straight season in Florida. There are, however, doubts about its character and intensity.

Right winger | 31 years

Archive photo, Pierre-Paul Poulin

47 points (25g, 22p) in 69 games

Salary in 2019-2020: $ 4 M

Projected salary: $ 4 to $ 5 million

Since returning from the KHL in 2017-18, Dadonov has had three strong seasons in Florida with 65, 70 and 47 points. Last year, he scored 11 of his 25 power play goals.

Right winger | 28 years

44 points (24g, 20p) in 68 games

Salary in 2019-2020: $ 4.6 M

Projected salary: $ 4 to $ 5 million

At 28, Toffoli is still relatively young. He took advantage of his departure from Los Angeles last year to regain his offensive touch with the Canucks. In 10 games in Vancouver, he collected 10 points.


29 years

39 points (5g, 34p) in 70 games

Salary in 2019-2020: $ 5.5 M

Projected salary: $ 4 to $ 6 million

A defender with an offensive mentality. In his last five seasons, he has always finished with a negative record in the over and under.

31 years

34 points (8g, 26p) in 70 games

Salary in 2019-2020: $ 1.75 M

Projected salary: $ 2 to $ 3.5 million

Shattenkirk relaunched his career with the Lightning. He fit perfectly in this team in a role of fifth defender. He can still help on the power play and he remains a good leader.


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