Woman kicked out of plane: Air Transat forced to reimburse $ 4,000

Air Transat was ordered to pay more than $ 4,000 to a Gatineau couple who had been forced to leave a plane bound for Puerto Plata, where the couple had planned to spend a week’s vacation in the sun.

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The case dates back to April 19, 2019, well before the pandemic, when Sylvie Bouchard and her spouse, Jean Gingras, in the company of a friend, take the time to have lunch at Montreal-Trudeau airport, just before the flight to the Dominican Republic.

Once seated in the plane, Mme Bouchard, who has to deal with recurring digestion problems, has to regurgitate on two occasions in a small bag a small part of the lunch that she had badly digested.

“It happened very quickly, it was just bile. I was correct afterwards. It was over, ”she assured in an interview with the QMI Agency.

Witness to the scene, a flight attendant warns the flight director, who takes the matter very seriously. Paramedics are dispatched to the plane to take the vital signs of Sylvie Bouchard, who nevertheless explains to them that her recurring gastric reflux problems are being monitored by her doctor and that she is feeling very well.

Paramedics will even speak to the pilot in the cockpit to let them know the traveler’s condition is safe, but the flight director will contact MedLink medical representatives over the phone. Without ever having evaluated the lady, they rule that she cannot take the plane.

Then, a customs officer goes to the plane to seize Mr.me Bouchard while a flight attendant advises her not to resist her expulsion, since force will be used against her.

The plane finally took off without the Bouchard-Gingras couple, about forty minutes late.

“It’s not human to act like that,” lamented to the QMI Agency Jean Gingras. We are not putting the plane in danger, we are putting nobody in danger. “

In his judgment rendered last August, Judge Steve Guénard, of the Court of Quebec, observed that no one could establish that the woman had a serious health problem. What is more, no one comes to testify for Transat in order to establish the symptoms observed. In addition, nothing in the evidence mentions aggressiveness or rudeness on the part of the applicants, notes the judge.

“I cried my life in the car when we came back from Montreal,” M said.me Bouchard. I was destroyed. ”

Transat was ordered to pay the couple $ 4,098 as reimbursement for the plane-hotel package for three people, one night in Montreal before departure, lunch at the airport and the cost of gasoline between Montreal and Gatineau.

At the material time, last year, Air Transat had not been able to accommodate its customers – who wanted to celebrate their 20e anniversary of their life together – on another flight in the hours and days following their mishap.

“I will never buy Transat tickets again,” concludes Sylvie Bouchard. Get me destroyed like that, for free … I was sure I wasn’t going to leave it there. “


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