For fantasy and curiosity!

A posthumous collection for a master of science fiction who will convince even the less infatuated of the genre. Make way for the imagination!

Joël Champetier died in 2015, leaving behind a whole body of work, some twenty books, well known to Quebec fans of fantasy and science fiction. He has also received numerous awards.

In his 35-year career, he has also written several short stories published in various specialized magazines. They are all gathered today in the collection Tous mes universes, to the great pleasure of admirers of Champetier.

But it is also a great gateway for those less familiar with this literary genre. Joël Champetier’s imagination is so fertile that there is something to please everyone in these 33 texts of the most varied and of all lengths – they range from a single page to thirty.

Do you want a thriller? The murder they are trying to cover up in the new Mars Survival Shuttle will do. Desire for poetry? The path of flowers tells with a metaphor all in delicacy how a patient feels the lobotomy he has undergone.

Need some action? Little Plague puts us in the shoes of a 14 year old teenager who finds herself trapped in a spaceship hijacked by pirates. Thrill? Welcome to the Embassy hotel featured in Check Out Time.

It is rather the reflection that tempts you? There is no lack of disturbing news in the collection, but stands out Hi Gilles. This science fiction story tells the daily life of a medical team tasked with eliminating unwanted newborns, since abortion is allowed up to 48 hours after birth …

Fortunately, Joël Champetier also handles humor. So with the very short short story L’Onomastique du futur, which sends us into a time when two individuals are forbidden to have the same name. Too bad for Jacques Côté or John Smith, welcome to Htrewa Vvfrt!

Likewise, a smirk runs through all the new Luckenbach, mathematics, and other dangers of the beefier Montreal. It starts with a scientific award ceremony that turns into a fight!

Despite this overflowing inventiveness, Champetier’s science fiction remains accessible, even close to “our” universe.

versatile work

Thus, a news opens on the toilet of an overflowing spaceship, domestic incident which will turn to the drama. One of the stories takes place in Verdun; in another, a protagonist goes skiing at Mont Sainte-Anne. And even when flying to distant planets, we eat pancakes, scrambled eggs and coffee.

From then on, when the action takes place in an imaginary world (because we also meet ogres in this work!), The interest is already such for what the author invents that we fully support the proposed scenario.

And this confirms that this collection in the form of a tribute has good reason to exist!

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