The fire truck of the future

A new revolutionary equipment invented and manufactured in Quebec is added to the arsenal of firefighters in the fight against fires. It is a powerful water cannon mounted on a pumper or on a trailer.

It replaces the good old garden hose. The cannon shoots water in the form of downpours at a distance of 200 feet, which is two to three times the range of a lance wielded by a firefighter.

“That means much less water use, up to 70% less for greater efficiency,” said Jean-François Piché of the company Drago ISI on Thursday.

The invention is compared to a “Swiss army knife”. It is multifunction. The gun is powered by a powerful on-board generator. This equipment may be useful in certain emergency situations.

The cannon fan also serves to dissipate ambient smoke when needed. The cannon can also be operated while in motion.

Firefighters from the MRC de Bécancour had the opportunity on Wednesday to put this equipment to the test during the widespread conflagration of a henhouse in Saint-Sylvère. The fire chief indicates that its effectiveness elicited many smiles of astonishment.

“In the position where he was, instead of moving and using the firefighters in the debris, metal sheets and embers, we were able with the truck to extinguish close to 150 feet from the building,” said Sébastien Demers, director. from the fire department of the MRC de Bécancour.

In the context of a shortage of relief workers, could the gun replace the firefighters? We are assured that this is not the objective, that the firefighters can quite simply be used in another way.

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