“I had no more control over my body,” says COVID survivor

A man from Quebec who contracted COVID-19 thought he was going to die. He got away with it and testifies to what he went through.

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Jean-Pierre Blais is 65 years old and in great shape. He took part in a hockey game in a garage league on October 3rd.

About three or four days later, he started to feel a little unwell. “For me, these weren’t symptoms of COVID, I just thought I had the flu that was setting in,” he says.

It was ultimately the new coronavirus. He and eleven other of his comrades caught the disease, but in his case it was much more serious.

“The temperature has risen to nearly 42 degrees. I no longer had control over my body, it was something unthinkable for me, ”he explains.

“I’ll always remember one of the first questions I was asked: if it gets out of hand, do you agree to be put on a ventilator?” Second question: if things get even worse and your heart fails, do we do anything to wake you up? There, you say to yourself: oh boy, I’m elsewhere, there! ”Adds Mr. Blais.

He will have finally spent 10 days in the hospital. He even considered giving up the fight.

“My kidneys were affected, my liver was affected. At one point, I was really exhausted. I said to the young doctor, I said: “There, it’s just ‘too bad’, I’m going home! I’m going to die in our house! I don’t want to live that anymore here “”, Says the man.

It was finally another doctor who convinced him. “Twice he came to see me and said: ‘Monsieur Blais, it’s your decision, but don’t do that!’ You think of your family, you think of everything and you say to yourself: how they’re going to get by afterwards. Everything has to go well. And this guy saved my life, ”he says.

He has a message to all who do not believe in the dangers of this virus.

“The world, again, who thinks it’s a joke! Look, yeah, that’s right, out of 11, I tasted it. Why? No idea. People have to get into their heads that what is happening there is true, ”he says.

Have you beaten COVID-19? The Journal is looking for people who have recovered from the coronavirus and who would like to testify.

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