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Sam Roberts Band was putting the finishing touches on his new album when the pandemic hit. After some thoughts, the group still decided to present All of Us this fall, while remaining patient until the next tour. The newspaper spoke to Sam Roberts about his last few months.

How did the end of the creation of the album go with the arrival of the pandemic in the spring?

“We were at the end of the recording and we felt that something was coming. We’ve been working on the record for two and a half years. Around March 10, we went to Saint-Zénon, to Studio Wild, to finish the recording. It’s a perfect name for the place, surrounded by nature. So we were in complete isolation and we could see that something was going to change everything for the whole world. We had maybe five or six days of recording left and we managed to finish everything. We were really lucky. “

Are there any songs about the pandemic on the record?

“No, but before the pandemic there was already so much going on in the world. We said to ourselves that there was nothing worse that could happen! (laughs) […] We already had a bit of a feeling of chaos. With the album, I tried to find the right things in our life. I wanted to maintain a positive philosophy in the face of the conflicts we were going through. “

What does the album title mean, All of Us ?

“We chose the title after the arrival of the pandemic. This is the only thing that was directly influenced by the situation. For the first time, we can say that there is something that has a profound effect on everyone. There is no one in the world now who is not affected by the pandemic. It’s scary and special at the same time. “

You did a concert this summer for cars at the Ottawa Bluesfest. How did it go?

“It went well. I think it was the Toyotas that liked us the most. But the Fords also had a lot of energy! (laughs) It was fun to play. We missed it so much. Especially during the summer, because it is the season when we play the most. It must have been at least 20 years since we had a complete summer without a show. This is really where the reality of the pandemic hit us in the face. We could see that our summer calendar was empty for the first time. The Bluesfest for us was therefore very important. “

How do you see the next few months for the shows?

“The situation is changing every day. It is impossible to predict what will happen. For concerts, we will have to wait, be patient. We have to focus on things we can do. With the launch of the album, it gives us a mission. “

Have you thought about postponing the release of the record to 2021?

“No, we’ll have to rewrite another album and other songs for that! If the children stay in school, maybe I will have the opportunity to do so. (laughs) Music for me is a chapter in my life. It’s important to share it with people when the time is right. I imagine that in 2021, there will be many other subjects to discover and put into song. For me, All of Us, it’s a 2020 album. It’s important that people hear it now. “

Sam Roberts Band’s new album, All of Us, is available on the market.


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