“When I write, it’s always an attempt to contact”

“I’m trying to make this excavation that I’m doing, when I’m going to dig into my own insecurities and my own obsessions, to resonate with someone else,” explains Fanny Britt. His awaited second novel Make the sugars is certainly based on one of his avowed obsessions: the idea that anything can tip – towards the dream as towards the tragic – in the space of an instant.

Writer, playwright, screenwriter and translator, Fanny Britt says she enjoys writing since she learned to do it. Her little typewritten stories that she commissioned for Christmas when she turned 9 quickly found a desired escape in writing.

“I quickly thought that I would find a way to write to make a living,” says the one who admits to having inherited the pragmatic side of her mother. I thought about becoming a journalist, but when I heard about the national school, I wanted to try. The audition to get in was to write a short play. “

Then there was “the incredible meeting” with the illustrator Isabelle Arsenault with whom she created the graphic novel. Jane, the fox and me. A decisive project that gave the desire to write books to the Montreal author born in Amos, in Abitibi.

Fifteen plays, two graphic novels, two feminist essays and the novel The houses later, the 43-year-old writer found the vein of what would give birth to this highly anticipated second novel. A novel “with a pitiless gaze, but precise, at the same time tormented and invested” with the characters carrying anguishes reflecting its own interior dilemmas.

Make the sugars

It all started with a real seaside vacation, in the summer of 2016. While her lover was doing mini surfing, the writer began to imagine what would happen if a tourist from Quebec rushed into an American. It was there, she said, the beginning of a novel.

“The starting point for the characters was to ask myself: what happens when we stop playing our social role? Because it’s something that has always fascinated me, this gap between what we would like to be and what we show to the world. “

Make your sugars offers the point of view of Adam (star chef) and Marion (caring dentist) through chapters alternating their interior speeches. All interspersed with the story of Celia, the third underground rumble-like character in this story that begins on a beach in Martha’s Vineyard.

“Adam has a terrible surf accident and rushes at Celia, a young American who will be seriously injured in the knee. He does not hurt himself, but it will open a breach in him which will drag him into a depressive and anxious spiral and lead him to a succession of slightly twisted choices. For her part, her girlfriend will surprise herself not playing the role expected of her in this crisis. ”

The character of Celia, a young woman of 19 having difficulty paying for her care in the hospital, is intended as a tribute to a generation that the author describes as “very conscious and very anxious collectively on what is to come. , especially for the planet. ”

The title Make the sugars refers to Adam’s decision to buy the sugar bush from a family whose authenticity he envies. From Celia who watched her grandfather as a youngster make taffy, codes of Quebec identity “often folkloric and romantic” and … the real sugar addiction of Fanny Britt.

Make the sugars features privileged people whom the suddenly disturbed journey will first pull away and then, ultimately, reveal themselves more intimately to each other. All with great flights and beautifully long sentences à la Fanny Britt, disturbing and just resonance of our inner speeches.


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