YouTube shuts down conspiratorial channel Radio-Quebec

The conspiratorial channel Radio-Quebec was closed Thursday morning on YouTube because it “repeatedly violated the guidelines regarding disinformation on COVID-19”.

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This was reported by the giant Google, which bought YouTube in 2006.

YouTube also updated its policy on Thursday and targets in particular followers of QAnon, a far-right conspiracy theory with absurd beliefs.

“We remain committed to providing timely and useful information on COVID-19, including removing videos that promote medically unfounded advice, increasing authoritative content, and posting Health Canada information boards for help fight against disinformation, ”it was pointed out.

The closure of this account given by Alexis Cossette-Trudel comes a week after that of the same name on Facebook Canada, which also wants to eradicate conspiratorial accounts advocating QAnon and which has promised to remove potentially content, pages and groups from its platforms. dangerous. “We have withdrawn Radio-Quebec for its declared affiliation with QAnon”, it was indicated last week.

Note that Radio-Quebec’s YouTube page had barely closed when another was already appearing on the Viméo platform.

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