Tuesday , January 19 2021

A video broadcast through the tiles of a building in Rosemont

The project called “Façade” is a video projected through the windows of 200, rue de Bellechasse in La Petite-Patrie in Montreal.

Strange and singular characters challenge the public in a story where passers-by can recognize themselves.

The interactive video offers the spectator a reflection on the gap between what he aspires to be and what he cannot achieve, explains the members of the Slacheurs collective behind the project. In their concept, they offer “art to better experience confinement”.

The artist Lou Rie (Marie-Lou Desmeules) offers deceptively appearing, makeup and almost distorted characters where we explore the ambiguity between beauty and ugliness.


The artist uses real people as a canvas, adding paint and raw materials to create stunning figures and sometimes resembling public figures.

The video starts when there is movement captured in the street. This interactive concept is a creation of Gonzalo Soldi and Hub Studio.

This project is funded by the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec under the Agreement on Cultural Development of Montreal and the Agreement Reflex Montreal.

The audiovisual project comes to life every evening from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. until November 1 at 200, rue de Bellechasse.


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