Danny Gilmore: a new lease of life thanks to “Victor Lessard”

Danny Gilmore’s career takes a new turn. Through his role in the third season of Victor Lessard, a former soldier who became a far-right terrorist, for whom he had to physically transform, the actor says he is even more pampered by his profession.

It now seems far behind, the young first of These children from elsewhere or some Young wolves. He maintains that he has already defended “badass” roles in the past (like Nino in Midnight in the evening, he cites as an example), but, probably helping his mid-forties, Danny Gilmore sees a difference in the roles he has been offered for the past two or three years, which have brought him greater challenges.

As in The honorable, or in the new series Alerts (to see next winter at TVA), where he personifies police officers with diametrically opposed methods and personalities. He will also be the priest of the film Maria chapdelaine, by Sébastien Pilote, which is due to take on the bill in December.

“Not so long ago, I was still playing the young premieres in the theater, with 20-year-olds,” Danny confides in an interview. But, at some point, when you’re 40 … (laughs) I’m being offered more and more roles in substance. “

“I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. And I cross my fingers, I touch wood to keep it going. It’s a privilege to age in good health, and it’s an even greater privilege to be able to age as an actor, to be around people who also accept us in this evolution. ”

Weapons and martial arts

The main interested party also attributes, of course, this second professional breath to his performance in Victor Lessard, and the audacity of director François Gingras (who succeeded Patrice Sauvé behind the camera for this third chapter), who gave him carte blanche to change his appearance.

Gilmore thus appears there, head shaved, beard long and scarred. The latter also praises the skillful and meticulous writing of author Martin Michaud, whose plot of the novel Ghetto X serves as a medium for the new televised adventures of its hero, Victor Lessard.

“I was really happy to finally be able to do something different. Ironically, since then, everyone asks me to keep my beard! I am very grateful to François Gingras for having dared to break this image of young premier, and for giving me new life, ”Danny Gilmore says.

The actor recounts having lived a real pleasure for a little boy by participating in sessions of weapon handling and kendo lessons to prepare to play his Abel “Messiah” Parker, a seasoned sniper, who opens the hostilities from the first episode by murdering a journalist.

“It is” fun “in” tabarouette “, scenes of pursuit, and to embark in a mode a little more American”, he gets carried away.

“But beyond that, it was above all a psychological preparation, because he is a character who is very, very far from my political ideas. The challenge for me was to prepare it without judgment. To put myself in the shoes of a man who would have reason to think like that, to bring a little humanity to his right-wing values. ”

The third season of Victor Lessard is shown on addikTV on Thursdays at 10 p.m. (replay Sunday at 8 p.m.). The three seasons are still fully available on Club illico.


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