The Quebec school against Western history

A few days ago, Lucien Bouchard published in Le Devoir a letter to denounce the following of several historians the new history course at the college level.

The latter will cut the history of Western civilization from its origins. Basically, the Middle Ages and Antiquity will be erased from the mental map of students in favor of a so-called “world” history.

It is obviously in the name of “openness to the world” that we are doing this dirty trick to the young generation. Better still: in the name of openness to others, we should turn away from ourselves. Let’s not kid ourselves: behind the laborious justifications for this decision, we find the same ideological war against Western civilization.


Let us point out two faults.

The first: you simply cannot understand a world if you ignore its origins. Ancient Greece, Roman history and the Middle Ages are not details of human history.

The second: it is from his civilizational roots that a man approaches the planet. If he immediately believes himself to be a citizen of the world, he condemns himself to uprooting.

Because the battle for history is not only a battle for the truth, but a battle for the soul of the people.

Let’s see more broadly. The degradation of historical consciousness, which does not date from yesterday, is not unrelated to the fact that the new generation imagines that the West is only a pile of discriminatory systems and phobias to curse in the name of a great crusade against oneself.

And so it is that a brilliant civilization, of undeniable grandeur despite its imperfections and its dark side, is invited to symbolically self-destruct, to the point of losing the memory of its foundations.


Does the political class understand that education is confiscated by a movement of pedagogues-ideologists who instrumentalize History to subject it to its ideological obsessions?

What are politicians waiting for to denounce this absurd program?

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