14:59 of happiness

Boxing came back to life on Saturday night in Shawinigan. Only three fights were on Eye Of The Tiger Management’s card, but David Lemieux was paying the price for the final.

14 minutes 59 seconds … that’s what the action in the ring of a Center Gervais Auto will have lasted much too big for a boxing gala behind closed doors. 14 small minutes and 59 small seconds which were however pure happiness.

In this context of generalized uncertainty, I wondered when it would be possible to see boxing again with the Rôtisseries Fusée, among other sponsors. In other words, good old local boxing.

Lexson Mathieu calls himself “the next” with good reason. The spectacular Afro-style boxer “Apollo Creed Style” quickly ended Tim Cronin’s night of work. Mathieu’s left hook to the Irishman’s body from Etobicoke was not to remember those of Lucian Bute, who filled the Bell Center. Quickly a normal resumption of activities because Mathieu needs mileage to reach a potential which seems infinite.

The ruthless mammoth

I think even the coach Marc Ramsay is in awe when the terrifying siren lets the lion Arslanbek Makhmudov burst out of the locker room. By the way, Makhmudov is not a lion, he is a mammoth. Dillon Carman was quick to put on a show on the ground before taking his legs around his neck. I think the Carman lemon has been squeezed enough.

One of my favorite boxers, David Lemieux, then managed by a single minute to retain full rights to his purse. Francy Ntetu would touch Lemieux’s check if he showed up standing at the start of the sixth round, a particular bet initiated by Lemieux live at JiC, at TVA Sports, during a face-to-face meeting last week.

K.-O. serial

In summary, I take issue with the negative wind at the location of the boxing card put together by Camille Estephan. The most spectacular element in boxing is the knockout. It was three in three in this register.

Personally, when it comes to all the action in the ring, I have no complaints, I have been a satisfied customer.

However, if Eye of the Tiger Management wants to cross the international ramp in content production, the firm has an interest in reviewing its ways of doing television. The few montages of appetizer were successful, but the live capture was at best failed. Uneven and aggressive sound, poor performance, or even completely absent.

When I watch a series like The Paper At Netflix, I immerse myself in the un-budgeted heaviness of Croatian creators and I contemplate with admiration the actors who play a successful game despite being stripped of artifice.

On the other hand, when I pay $ 39.99 before tax for a three-fight card, I would like the production to be at least up to par. Constructive criticism here, I insist.

Quebec is a past master in the art of producing boxing live. It’s about time that appeared in the events of Eye of the Tiger Management as well.


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