Makhmudov too strong for Canada

SHAWINIGAN | Strange scene … and almost moving. Sunday morning at Pacini in Shawinigan. Around half past eight.

Arslanbek Makhmudov was having lunch quietly, not too exhausted by his 10 seconds of effort the day before.

People stopped to greet the friendly Russian giant.

At one point, another tall fellow came to his table and took off his toque before reaching out to him. It was Dillon Carman, whom Camille Estephan’s big monster had stamped with a slap the day before.

Arslanbek, don’t waste your time with us. Go get (Antony) Joshua, (Tyson) Fury, or whatever. You’ve already been there, he told her.

Makhmudov muttered a gentle response in his sketchy English and Carman walked over to our table.

  • Did I understand anything of what happened? Did you really give up?
  • Makhmudov shook me with his left. When I got up I was dizzy … dizzy. I was stunned, but I think there was a lack of communication with the referee. I wish I had given people more than 20 seconds of boxing, Carman replied.
  • Makhmudov, does that compare to Simon Kean, whom you faced twice?
  • My God no ! He is far superior. The truth is, when a boxer like me finds himself on the floor after 10 seconds, it means he has no business ending up in the same ring as the other guy. I think the referee could have given me a chance, but at the same time he maybe saved me from the long term effects of a concussion. There is no one in Canada who can face Makhmudov.

It actually looks like this. With the exception of Oscar Rivas. And matchmaker Stéphane Loyer confirms it. Everyone who was available was offered a fight against Makhmudov, no one wants to touch it even for a large sum of money.

Carman quickly felt it on Saturday night and despite his separations to delude himself, he understood that Makhmudov’s next move was going to send him into dreams.

In other words, concussion.

He quitted. He saved his skin.


Louis-Philippe Guy told a good story in a text summarizing his thoughts on the evening in Shawinigan. LP Guy was the descriptor for fights at 91.9.

Because of the circumstances and the sanitary protocol required by Public Health, the radio microphones were able to pick up the words exchanged between the doctor mounted in the ring, and Francy Ntetu. The doc asked him for the date … then the month. Ntetu replied “November”. Then he replied to the doc that he was in front of his parents in Montreal. Maybe LaSalle. Not a hint of Shawinigan.

The poor man was still struck by David Lemieux’s left.

Luckily, he was doing well enough to pose with a smile with Lemieux a bit later after leaving the sports center.

In his case, the 10-day lockdown is going to be a good thing. Boxing is not a sport for spoiled children. But it is a consuming passion for those and now those who practice it.

And Francy Ntetu, if he did not win the David Lemieux scholarship, deserved the respect of all those who love a good and generous man.


You can get a guy out of boxing, but getting a guy out of boxing is a different story.

Vincent Morin was a boxer. Then he covered the Noble art for The Journal of Montreal. I spent several evenings with him when I arrived on a daily basis.

Then, he found himself as a PR and matchmaker with GYM and Yvon Michel. When the company went through tough times, these issues coincided with a job offer in Boston for his wife, who is a doctor.

What’s the Vincent doing in New England? He made a comeback in the ring and most importantly, he got involved in coaching and training.

By the way, it was he who found the promoter in New Hampshire and who put him in contact with Samuel Décarie and Eye of The Tiger Management.

If we meet in New Hampshire on November 14th, I am convinced that we will find Vincent in ringside.

When it’s in the skin …


Several disgruntled amateurs went wild on social media. Some had paid $ 40 for six and a half minutes of boxing. It was expensive a minute; $ 6.35, in fact.

If it can console them, it costs more for the rich to witness a defeat of the Canadiens. Against the Toronto Maple Leafs, a pair of tickets cost $ 766, which is almost the devil’s number for conspirators. It was $ 12.7666666 a minute, which is twice the heck number. Brrr.

You see, there is always a way to find deals on my “JiCé” …

Still, Camille Estephan has learned a lesson from the adventure. Pandemic or not, Public health or not, a gala must offer at least four fights. It was the injury suffered by Simon Kean that upset the plans.

And to require boxers and coaches 14 days before and 10 days after lockdown was a huge challenge.

But there was boxing in Shawinigan on October 10. Seven months less two days before the great confinement …

IN THE CALEPIN | We must underline the formidable presence of Kim Clavell in the edition of Time Magazine among the outstanding personalities among the next generation. We are very proud of her in the house … The in camera deprived the gala of some outstanding figures: Évelyne Morrisseau, Michel Hamelin, Brad Pitt, Jean-Marc Gagné and her twin George Clooney.

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