Referendum requested for the Islamic Cultural Center of Vaudreuil

There will be a referendum on the relocation of the Islamic Cultural Center of Vaudreuil-Dorion, or the City will have to abandon the project. Some 156 people have signed the register to oppose the transformation of the Sunny’s restaurant-bar.

Only 56 signatures from four areas neighboring the project were needed to launch the referendum process. The noise and daily traffic generated by the new vocation of the building are at the heart of the complaints.

Some concessions had been made to accommodate the opponents. Outdoor speakers and flags, among other things, had been banned.

The City has not yet decided whether to hold the referendum or whether it will simply cancel the project. The promoter must communicate his intentions to the municipality so that it takes them into account in its choice. Council has until the November 4 meeting to announce its decision.

In the event of a referendum, all those entitled to vote in Vaudreuil-Dorion would be eligible. Considering the context of the health crisis, postal voting would be preferred.


The citizens of the neighboring areas of the old Sunny’s had to collect 12 signatures in their respective areas beforehand in order to open a register. In total, four zones have passed this stage.

Once the register was opened, residents had 15 days to submit their signature by correspondence for it to be counted. This is how the 156 signatories expressed their opposition to the project to convert Sunny’s restaurant into an Islamic Cultural Center.

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