COVID-19: Lac-Mégantic under surveillance

COVID-19 is gaining ground in Lac-Mégantic, where outbreaks have been reported in particular at the Montignac high school and at the hospital, which houses a CHSLD on the fourth floor.

This long-term care hospital center, described as dilapidated, is ill-suited to cope with a pandemic, public health in the Estrie region confirmed on Tuesday.

Currently, the authorities are seeking to improve the ventilation of this wing, in addition to focusing on screening for the virus. The CHSLD has been divided into three zones to separate patients affected by the coronavirus from those awaiting a result and those who have escaped COVID-19.

Since last week, 12 residents and three employees have contracted the disease in the hospital, including patients on the fourth floor.

Like many relatives of residents of the CHSLD de Lac-Mégantic, Pierre Latulippe fears the worst for his 85-year-old father.

“It’s a CHSLD that’s totally obsolete. There are about forty residents. For the most part, they are four-bedroom and three-bedroom, like my father did. So, this is the worst-case scenario for preventing infections, ”Mr. Latulippe told TVA Nouvelles.

The latter fully understands what he is talking about since he is the former general manager of the hospital. He long called for the development of a new CHSLD and believed he had managed to set in motion the project valued at $ 50 million in the spring of 2018, but the policy disrupted his plan.

“There was a change of party the following fall, during the elections. We were confident that the CAQ would carry out the project, but this is silent. We would like to have announcements ”

Providing Lac-Mégantic with a new CHSLD is still one of the priorities, however, assures the CAQ.

“We had it integrated, among other things, into Bill 61, which is the infrastructure project, and we also had it added to Bill 66 to speed it up,” pleaded the Caquist MP for Mégantic, Francois Jacques.

In addition, the health authorities are closely monitoring cases of COVId-19 at the Polyvalente Montignac, where a class is already in quarantine.

“I hope that what happens there, it will be a notice of vigilance, for all citizens, to do more,” said the mayor of Lac-Mégantic, Julie Morin.

Three new cases were counted in the MRC du Granit on Tuesday.

– With information from Mélissa Fauteux, TVA Nouvelles

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