Belichick in adaptation mode

For a prep lover like Bill Belichick, the last week could have been very frustrating.

After more cases of COVID-19 were identified among his players, the New England Patriots head coach had his game of the week postponed twice.

A duel against the Denver Broncos was originally scheduled for Sunday. It was initially rescheduled for Monday night, but was eventually postponed to next Sunday.

Despite this, Belichick keeps a cool head. The pilot decided to focus only on the things he can control.

“I think and I am sure that the league has done its best to make the schedule work, that everyone plays their games, that there is as little disruption as possible and that the teams involved are not too affected. . She made a decision based on many factors, several of which I am not familiar with. I think she’s doing a good job of trying, in our case, to assess the situation here. No matter what decisions about the schedule are, we don’t have control, ”he said during his conference on Tuesday and after being asked if his players and his organization had a say. in this report.

More complicated

It’s not just the schedule change, however, that forces Belichick to change his ways in 2020.

This is because NFL protocols force clubs to train in smaller groups. Belichick, who is used to touching everything, can no longer do it.

“The downside is that there is a little less overall communication and total understanding of everything that is going on,” he said about this situation. We don’t hear what other instructors are saying to players next to us, in front of us or behind us. We don’t know what they’re doing and what ties it all together. I have to rely on my position coaches and they do a good job. ”

Belichick has therefore implemented a new system, but he is not yet fully convinced of its effectiveness.

“Maybe we have the right combination, maybe not, but it’s something we are aware of and we want to try to use our time as efficiently as possible to cover everything,” he said. .

One thing is for sure, the renowned trainer must not have been unhappy when he learned that there were no positive cases for COVID-19 among his troop on Tuesday morning.

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