He sells shares of the fast food chain MTY

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Administrator pockets $ 220,000

Dickie Orr, a member of the board of directors of MTY, sold for $ 220,000 shares of the Montreal fast food giant last week. The stock of MTY jumped 30% after the publication of good quarterly results on October 9, but it has fallen since. The stock price of the company, hit hard by the pandemic, is down 30% from the start of the year. MTY operates the Thai Express, Scores and Mikes channels in particular.

A local business sold to Americans

Colonial Elegance, a manufacturer of barn doors, closet doors and staircase parts, has just passed into the hands of its Ontario competitor Renin, itself owned by the American firm BBX Capital. The value of the transaction is $ 52 million. In 2017, the Montreal-based company won the “Transfer and Business Succession of the Year” award.

Dollarama Chairman of the Board exercises call options

Stephen Gunn, who has chaired the Dollarama board since 2018, made a gain of just over $ 187,000 selling stock options in mid-October. He nevertheless retained more than 60% of the shares obtained through this block of options. The title of the retailer is down 10% since its transaction.

Father and son buy Bellus Santé

Three Bellus Health insiders, including its founder, Francesco Bellini (photo), and his son, Roberto, together bought nearly $ 1 million in shares of the Laval pharmaceutical company last week. Bellus’ title has still not recovered from the poor clinical results unveiled in July, which had plunged more than 70%.

Milestone issues shares in New York

Pharma Milestone issued US $ 45 million worth of shares on the Nasdaq this week. The Montreal company is working on the development of a new drug for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Its market value exceeds US $ 160 million.


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