A first album and already a foothold in the United States

The Population II group does not do things like the others. First of all, their psychedelic rock stands out in the current musical landscape in Quebec. Second, they already have a foothold in the United States.

Made up of three high school friends – Sébastien Provençal on bass, Pierre-Luc Gratton on vocals and drums, Tristan Lacombe on guitar and organ – this young trio signed an agreement with Castle Face Records, a label American independent who specializes in alternative rock and who will launch their first album To O Earth, south of the border.

In French

Long ferociously psychedelic instrumental flights, guitar distorted to the max, obvious influences of rock from the 1970s (we think of the Doors especially because of the organ), free jazz, a bit of post-rock: Population II has everything of the English-speaking group , but it is in French that it happens.

Sébastien Provençal nevertheless prefers to highlight the prowess of his drummer friend.

“Pierre-Luc surprises me every time. When you’re a drummer, you have to keep the rhythm, so imagine singing as well. I never expected to see that in my life, ”he says.


The other particularity of Population II is its use of improvisation for the composition.

“We record our improvisations, which can last up to an hour, then we select the elements that we like and we try to find the song. ”

To O Earth has been available since Friday.


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