Frédéric Cloutier in District 31: the most famous of the strangers

Frédéric Cloutier plays the most famous secondary character on the small screen in Quebec: relief sergeant Jérôme Langevin in District 31. “People know my face, but not my name! »Laughs the actor in interview.

Frédéric Cloutier is part of a select club of actors: those appearing in the credits of District 31 since it first aired on September 12, 2016. As the 500 approachese episode of the popular detective drama, only Gildor Roy, Vincent-Guillaume Otis, Sébastien Delorme and Cynthia Wu-Maheux can say the same.

In a daily life where no one is safe from a motorcycle accident, kidnapping or a gunshot, this longevity is almost a feat.

“I have always been a supporting actor,” declares Frédéric Cloutier at Newspaper. I’ve been doing this job for years. I roll my bump. I do a lot of vocals. I do advertisements. But no one had recognized me at the grocery store before District 31. “

“Something big”

Frédéric Cloutier landed the role of Jérôme Langevin in District 31 after having auditioned for that of Stéphane Pouliot, which Sébastien Delorme finally obtained. The actor remembers very well his first day of filming with Magalie Lépine-Blondeau, whom he had known ten years earlier at the National Theater School.

“We felt like we were starting something big, but we never could have imagined something so big. “

The one we had previously seen in The whole truth, do you love me? and 30 Lives immediately wanted to give a color to the character he had been entrusted with, who essentially had the task of “reporting phone numbers” to the police officers.

“In life, I am a smiling, kind and reserved guy. To move away, and as there was nothing decided, I gave Jerome a very police tone. I liked to make it a little dry, a little stiff, and too by the book. “

His initiative obviously worked since for two seasons, his relief sergeant has been the subject of a fan-club type Facebook page which has more than 1,300 subscribers.

“I think they take a sip every time I am seen on screen!” »Launches the actor, laughing.

“I hit Jerome! “

Frédéric Cloutier fully understood the scale of the phenomenon District 31 in 2018, during a bicycle accident. A violent collision with a car which knocked him to the ground.

Once in the ambulance, the actor called his agent in panic, because he had to turn the next morning on District 31. “I had braked with my face. I was full of blood. I felt like I had lost all my teeth … I was afraid they would want to replace me for the year. “

After consulting a doctor, Frédéric Cloutier was breathing more freely. The worst had been avoided. It was just going to require more time in the make-up room.

Joined a few hours later in the emergency room by the motorist who had hit him, the cyclist lived a moment that he will not soon forget.

“When he realized that I was in District 31, despite the fact that I was belly and bloody, he replaced me and exclaimed: “Oh my god, I hit Jerome! My wife will not be proud of me … ””

Team spirit

Frédéric Cloutier had long cherished the dream of becoming a professional hockey player before an injury drastically changed his trajectory. Now 40 years old and father of three children, he pursues his acting career while practicing his other profession: that of urban trapper.

At the time of our telephone interview, he had also just captured raccoons in Montreal and was leaving to relocate them in rural areas.

To explain the success of District 31, Frédéric Cloutier speaks of a combination of three factors: the writing of Luc Dionne, the well-honed production of Fabienne Larouche and the team spirit of the people who tread the series on a daily basis.

“I’m a good chum with the guys. We ride a bike, we train together. We ran a triathlon with Michel [Charette]. It is a real and sincere friendship that unites us. It appears on the screen. “

► ICI Télé will present the 500e episode of District 31 Thursday at 7 p.m.

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