NFL: Dwayne Haskins the unloved

Immediately arrived, immediately left! After just 11 career starts in Washington, young quarterback Dwayne Haskins must return to purgatory on the bench. This astonishing decision at this early stage of his career shows that he has been sitting unwillingly between two chairs since the team drafted him.

In the spring of 2019, the organization made the Ohio State University product its first-round pick on the 15the choice in total. When a club sets its sights on a quarterback so early in the draft, it is because they see him as their future franchise player.

However, in Washington, nothing works like elsewhere. Since that draft, credible rumors have circulated that Haskins was first and foremost the choice of owner Dan Snyder, who has never shied away from interfering in the operations of the real football men on board.

Then head coach Jay Gruden did not seem infatuated with the quarterback and actually left him on the bench before being fired after five games. Cause and effect relationship? The disparity of opinions compared to Haskins between the big boss and his coach certainly weighed in the balance.


Ron Rivera has brought himself in this season as a new head coach and while he has done everything to establish a culture of positive reinforcement towards Haskins, the fact remains that he is not his. project at the base.

Nowadays, the rope is less and less long with the young quarters. They often come from universities which have trained them well in the offensive concepts of the professional ranks. Offensive coordinators in the NFL have also massively incorporated elements of college schematics into their playbooks, to aid in the acclimatization of young quarterbacks.

In this context, the teams no longer have an ounce of the patience of yesteryear and the results must come quickly.

Statistically, Haskins has not had a bad start to his career. In his 11 starts, he completed 59.1% of his passes for 2,164 yards, 11 touchdowns and six interceptions.

By comparison, Bills quarterback Josh Allen is currently performing at a hellish pace. Yet in his first 11 games, he had completed just 53.4% ​​of his passes, for 2,000 yards, with 10 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.


Ron Rivera, a respected coach who doesn’t have a reputation for making decisions on a whim, is bound to send a message to Haskins. His career is not compromised, but is the young man doing what is necessary in the classroom?

To justify his decision to hand the ball over to his former Panthers colt Kyle Allen, Rivera mentioned that he has mastered his system well. So that is to say that Haskins still does not have the stranglehold on the attack. Haskins might not be playing at an exceptionally high level, but with little ammo he didn’t play badly enough to be relegated to the sidelines. It is inevitably his attitude that Rivera tries to break.

Whether the message gets or not, Haskins did not fall into the ideal environment to be successful. A quarterback should always be the choice of the coach before being the fantasy of the owner.

5 points to watch out for


The Texans showed Bill O’Brien the door this week. He thus became the 86th head coach in the last 50 years to lose his position during the season. Such a change is seldom a guarantee of success in the current campaign. Since 2015, 11 teams have taken this route and the cumulative record of the interim drivers is 20 wins and 39 losses. The renewal is felt more in the medium and long term.


The Cowboys are off to a rough start with just one win in four games. They face for the first time this season a team from their division, the Giants. This may bode well since last season the Cowboys averaged 32.6 points against their rivals in the Eastern Division, compared to 23.8 points against the rest of their opponents.


The Seahawks host the Vikings and will look to continue their perfect start to the season. In each of their four wins, they scored at least 30 points. If they win with such an offensive production, they will become the sixth team in history with a record of 5-0 and over 30 points per game. Four of the previous five teams that achieved this feat have progressed to the Super Bowl.


The duel between Ravens and Bengals will pit quarterback Lamar Jackson against Joe Burrow. This will be only the fifth time that an MVP holder (Jackson) has faced the first-ranked quarterback in the draft (Burrow) the following year. The MVPs have won three of the previous four clashes.


For the Browns, defensive end Myles Garrett rules. He’s the leader in the NFL with five quarterback sacks and in each of his last three games he has one sack and forced fumble. He will try against the Colts to become the fourth to achieve the feat in four games in a row, after Khalil Mack (2018), Robert Mathis (2005) and Simeon Rice (2002).

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