Eric Lapointe guilty: no significant effects on his career

Despite his guilty plea in a case of violence against a woman, Éric Lapointe will not lose the support of his audience, believe image specialists consulted by The newspaper.

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“His image has never been that of a perfect good guy. It is accompanied by demons, scars, scratches. His image is not smooth. I think that his guilty plea, which was accompanied by a fairly clear acknowledgment of the facts, ensures that there should not be any significant effects on his career ”, analyzes Victor Henriquez, an expert in crisis management and in public relations.

A sentence that helps

Another factor militates in favor of the singer: the joint suggestion made by the prosecution and defense lawyers that he be granted a discharge with a one-year probation, a sentence that would allow him, if it is approved by the judge, to avoid a criminal record.

“It is the kind of sentence which allows the public to have the perception of an offense which is not repetitive, but rather an exception in the life of the person”, raises Victor Henriquez.

“His fans are ready to continue to follow it, provided that it does not go too far, ”adds Bernard Motulsky, professor at UQÀM.

Redo shows?

Even though its fans forgive him, there is no guarantee that Eric Lapointe will be able to return to the stage once the pandemic is a thing of the past, observes radio host Mike Gauthier.

“We will have to watch what the buyers of shows will do. Even if he wants to play, it takes someone to hire and pay him. Because of COVID-19, however, we will not know for a year or a year and a half, ”he observes.

Eric Lapointe lost his coach chair on the show The voice, when the case was revealed to the public, in October 2019.

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