The non-country of Françoise and Manon

25 years ago today, over 93% of Quebecers went to the polls to vote on the future of Quebec. Since that day when a slim majority said NO, the sovereignist project has never fallen back on its feet.

One of the darkest moments for this movement came when Jean-François Lisée was gutted by Quebec solidaire on the attempt at “convergence”.

The Parti Quebecois had removed his shin guards as a sign of good faith and QS gave him a blow in the canes.

The PQ then limped into the last campaign.

That day, Quebec discovered to what extent independence does not represent a high priority cause for Quebec solidaire.

This party wants to win seats as quickly as possible. This party wants to take Quebec far to the left.

He declares himself a sovereignist, but puts the national question in the background … and again.

Francoise David

In this regard, the recent words of Françoise David are enlightening. Invited to Radio-Canada radio (a regular) this week, this founder of Québec solidaire summed up the position of her movement.

She would say yes to a country … “but not just any country”. I quote.

We can easily decode the meaning of “not just any country”.

For her, the independence of Quebec must be done on the whole left. Otherwise, blah! She dreams of an independence that takes place within the framework of a kind of socialist revolution. The model followed by Latin American countries half a century ago.

However, for Quebec, this dogmatic position corresponds to the sterilization of the sovereignist project.

By making their support for independence conditional on a leftist revolution, they are providing a guarantee that a majority of Quebecers will never adhere to it.

End of the adventure.

Among those likely to support sovereignty, there are many more to the right.

I am.

If the only choices are: stay in Canada or become Northern Venezuela, I would choose the first option without thinking long.

More to the right

I have known a large number of sovereignists who dreamed of making Quebec the opposite of a socialist country. Sovereignists dreaming of building a country where it would be easier to leave their SME, a country using its natural resources to attract investors, a country which believes more in the private sector than in bureaucracy.

During the referendum of 1995, Jacques Parizeau used to make the pedagogy of normal democracy which should be exercised the day after a YES.

Like everywhere in the world, there would be parties more to the right, others more to the left, which would debate their policies. Then elections to decide and ensure alternation.

Taking advantage of the transition to independence to screw leftist principles into the foundations of the new country is a bad idea for Québec solidaire.

This is how, even by calling themselves sovereignists, they could be the gravediggers of the project for a time.

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