COVID-19: a grace period for Shawinigan

Shawinigan resists red, but citizens are under no illusions, and restaurateurs want to take advantage of a period of grace.

The citizens of Shawinigan are taking advantage of this period in the orange zone, expecting to switch to maximum alert in the coming days, especially since Trois-Rivières is already in the red zone.

For restaurateurs whose dining rooms are always open, these few days of grace may be welcome, especially at the dawn of a long three-day break.

“There, we have a fridge that is full, we have beers that are cold. If we have a few more days, we can plan, ”said Trou du diable general manager Mathieu Richard.

The mayor of Shawinigan, Michel Angers, also considers that each day gained is good news.

However, waiting in the orange zone can also bring its share of uncertainties.

“We have to place orders, but our surplus orders will stay there if we fall into the red zone on Tuesday. We are really in nothing. It’s a bit boring for that, because we have no help as long as we are not in the red zone, ”said the co-owner of the restaurant La Pointe à Bernard, Mathieu Boissonneault.

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