A white for cheeses and other delicacies

Labranche Laffont, Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh 2018, France
$ 24.45 – SAQ code: 14350440 – 14.5% – 1.7 g / L – Organic

The golden color and the vaguely oxidative nose could perhaps give the impression of a tired white, but the mouth … Oh, the mouth! An expression of gros manseng (70%) and petit manseng in all that these Southwestern grape varieties have more nervous and energetic.

The whole is coated with a vinous texture, almost tannic by its structure coupled with acidity and bitterness. Truly, this organic wine from Christine Dupuy is a great example of the Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh whites, an appellation which shares the same territory as Madiran.

To appreciate it at its true value, forget the aperitif; we are dealing here with a table wine. Good food. Chicken in yellow wine, monkfish in white butter, vegetable curry, spicy cheeses such as Epoisse or Munster. A delight! Perfect for celebrating Thanksgiving, even in small groups.



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