Priority to teachers for screening tests

Teachers must be added to people whose COVID-19 tests are treated as a priority, according to François Legault.

Long delays in transmitting COVID-19 screening results are pushing school service centers to pay private firms to obtain staff information more quickly, revealed Thursday The newspaper.

To avoid interruptions in student services as much as possible, the Decouvreurs School Service Center in Quebec City has taken great measures. It uses the expertise of a company specializing in occupational medicine that monitors the screening results of teachers who want it, to avoid prolonged absences.

“I asked, indeed, that we give priority to people who work in schools”, reacted Thursday the Prime Minister. For now, screening healthcare workers for COVID-19 is being treated as a priority.

François Legault recalled that nearly 30,000 tests have been carried out in the last 24 hours.

But for the opposition, it is proof that the government’s screening strategy is “taking water”.

“It shows that it doesn’t work and that, once again, we create two speeds at that time. I think we have to be extremely careful about that, ”underlined the liberal leader, Dominique Anglade.

Manon Massé says she sounded the alarm several days ago. “It has taken so long to receive results that schools are turning to private companies to receive results faster. The Prime Minister wants proposals, we are doing just that. Requisitioning private laboratories is not complicated, it gives quick answers, then why does the Prime Minister not want to listen to us on this? »She launched at the Salon Bleu.

The strategy “takes the water”

Words that brought François Legault out of his hinges. Visibly irritated, he accused the solidarity groups and the PQ of harming the fight against the coronavirus by refusing to encourage Quebecers to register for the new COVID Alert tracking application.

” Its a question of life or death. When will Québec solidaire and the Parti Québécois take their responsibilities? »Cursed the Prime Minister, before throwing his cell phone on his desk.

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