How to get your child out of daycare cheaply

If you are in the red zone, you may be tempted to stop sending your child to daycare for fear for their health or that of a loved one.

However, you must continue to pay the reduced contribution to keep your place, unlike last spring. Do you have any options other than paying without getting the service back?

Important: these options are available to you, even if you are not in the red zone.

Make a deal

According to the Ministère de la Famille, you may agree with your childcare service to have another child take your place for a certain period.

For example, you agree with your daycare that your child will not return before the 1ster April 2021. The daycare can then agree that another child will occupy his place until the end of March 2021. During this period, the parents of the other child will pay the reduced contribution. At 1er April 2021, your child will return to their seat and you will start paying the reduced contribution again.

Cancel your contract

You can choose to terminate your child care contract. In this case, the daycare may require that you pay for the services already rendered. The daycare may also ask you to pay a penalty. However, the amount of this penalty cannot exceed the lesser of the following amounts: $ 50 or 10% of the price of the services that you will not receive.

For example, your child care contract was to end on December 31, 2020 and you end it on November 1, 2020. The price for services that you will not receive is $ 367.40. You will then have to pay a penalty of $ 36.74, or 10% of $ 367.40.

Informative text – This text does not constitute legal advice; it is recommended to consult a lawyer or notary for such an opinion. Éducaloi is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inform Quebecers of their rights and obligations in clear language ”.

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